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Knowing what sex is all about motivates a single woman to be pure and to be holy in her sexual conduct. As she is pure and holy and faithful prior to marriage, or through her whole life if she remains unmarried, that behavior tells the story of God’s faithfulness and tells the story of the faithfulness of the Church to Christ until this time when we see Him and are united with Him.

So a single woman tells the same gospel story but from a different angle. She tells the story of a Bride who is awaiting her Bridegroom and being faithful to Him in the time in which they are not yet together. She tells that part of the story, and a woman who is married tells the part of the story of the union and communion and the intimacy that the two will experience when the two are one…

I think that sometimes Christians have erred in the past by seeing sex as something that’s unmentionable or something that is dirty or unholy or something that is somehow lesser, but sex is actually part of God’s plan. It’s a beautiful part of God’s plan, and it teaches us truths about what the gospel is all about.

  • It teaches us how two can become one.
  • It teaches how you can have individuals and yet you can have union.
  • It teaches how there can be an intimacy that is so profound and so amazing.
  • It teaches things about commitment and things about family, things about children.

All of those images, I believe, God created. He put all of those images in place so that we would have the words and the language to understand who God is and what the gospel is all about because if we wouldn’t have those concepts and human images and human examples and pictures, we would really struggle with understanding truths about the Lord. 

~Mary Kassian in “What Your Sexual Conduct Says About the Gospel

Photo: OBMonkey