Boys & Girls, Birds & Bees

“For this is the will of God, your sanctification; that is,
that you abstain from sexual immorality.”

1 Thessalonians 4:3

Recently, I shared some information to help parents as they seek to raise children who value purity. Since this is an area where I think Christian parents can use all of the helpful info they can get their hands on, I’m continuing with the same theme again today. In the following video, Julie Lowe of the Christian Counseling and Educational Foundation provides wise and practical advice for talking to kids about sex.

3 Basic Guidelines: 

  • Talk often
  • Talk freely
  • Talk soon

In his book What the Bible Says about Parenting, John MacArthur addresses the dangers of ignoring the need to instruct children regarding sexuality and purity:

I know of one Christian parenting course that encourages moms and dads to avoid giving their children any kind of detailed instruction whatsoever about sexual matters, not only during childhood and adolescence, but up to and including the son or daughter’s wedding night. The child’s inevitable questions about anatomy and bodily development during puberty are supposed to be deflected with vague answers, making it clear that the very topic of sex is taboo…

That sort of isolationism is a recipe for disaster. It is a wholly unbiblical perspective. Sex is not portrayed in Scripture as inherently evil, nor is it treated as taboo. Sex outside of marriage is certainly sinful, but within marriage, the union of husband and wife is holy and honorable (Hebrews 13:4)…There is certainly no command or principle in Scripture that would make such matters off limits for parental instruction.

On the contrary, instructing children properly in such matters lies at the heart of the parents’ responsibility. Abdicate this responsibility, and you practically insure that your children will be more influenced by the values and mores they learn from schoolteachers and peers. It is nearly impossible, and certainly a wrong-headed approach to parenting, to keep children totally isolated from all influences outside the family. So in all likelihood they will learn about these things from other sources, no matter how they have been sheltered. If the parents have declined to foster a godly knowledge of sex and human reproduction, the likelihood that the child will develop ungodly attitudes toward the subject are multiplied.

Photo: Israel Papillon