Looking Back at True Woman ’12

I have to be honest. Life after True Woman ’12 is an adjustment.

After a busy and exciting weekend, I’m back home in North Carolina thinking fondly of all that occurred in Indianapolis. There, I had a Starbucks downstairs and an Einstein’s Bagels within walking distance, live worship music each morning with Keith and Kristyn Getty, inspiring teaching, and girl talk throughout the day.

Here at home, back on my gluten and dairy-free diet, listening to podcasts and Getty CDs, and trying to converse with my 16 month-old, things just aren’t the same somehow. But as I scrape bug parts out of my daughter’s mouth one more time, I’m reminded of Nancy Leigh DeMoss’s encouragement at the close of True Woman ’12, “The God of glory in the mountaintop is still the God of grace in the valley.”

True Woman ’12 was a mountaintop experience, and my life here in the everyday is better because of it.  

With the help of the True Woman photographers, I want to take a look back at some of the sweet moments we enjoyed last weekend…

On opening night, in light of the conference theme “Seeking Him Together for Spiritual Awakening,” Nancy provided us with a challenging message on what it truly means to seek the Lord.

The auditorium was filled with over 8,000 enthusiastic and eager listeners.

For me, this was one of the conference’s most powerful moments. Upon arrival, each lady at True Woman ’12 received a tote bag with conference materials and other items. As I looked through mine, I found a little strip of construction paper with a handwritten note that looked like a prayer request.

During the first night’s session, we learned that every tote bag contained one of these pieces of paper. They were links of a handmade prayer chain that had been put together by a special group of women in the McPherson Women’s Unit of the Arkansas Department of Correction.

As the True Woman volunteers stretched the completed prayer chain up and down the aisles throughout the auditorium, we were told that inmates who had come to faith in Christ had spent the last few months writing out prayers by name for each woman who would attend True Woman ’12.

I doubt there were many dry eyes in the Indiana Convention Center as we thought about women who were physically behind bars praying that we would experience true spiritual freedom at True Woman.

But I know there couldn’t have been any dry eyes left when the screen overhead switched to show us that the women who created the prayer chain were actually watching True Woman ’12 via live stream at that very moment. It probably wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that the crowd at True Woman went wild with joy at the sight. It was a sweet moment.

Prayer was a constant emphasis throughout the weekend at True Woman. The conference planners designated prayer rooms in the Convention Center so women could easily find a quiet place to respond to the teaching they’d learned and take their concerns to the Lord. Each morning also began with early morning prayer sessions which were filled with participants.

More than once during the main sessions, we were led together in corporate prayer, and it wasn’t unusual to see women stopping in the halls to pray with one another as the weekend progressed.

The reading and signing of the True Woman Manifesto is a conference tradition. 

This weekend, women were given the opportunity to affirm their belief in the biblical truths expressed in the Manifesto by coming to the front of the auditorium to add their signature to one of two enormous copies of the document.

It was wonderful to see and hear from Joni Eareckson Tada on Friday night during her message on Forgiveness. There’s never a time when Joni speaks that I’m not encouraged, challenged, and convicted. Her life is such a tremendous testimony of God’s grace in suffering!

For one of the breakout sessions, she did a Q & A interview with Nancy on a lifetime of walking with Jesus.

I wasn’t in that session, but I heard it was wonderful. I’m looking forward to listening to the audio which will be posted soon along with the other conference messages HERE.

There’s so much more that could be said about True Woman ’12, but it’s just one of those things that you really have to experience yourself to understand. 

If you didn’t make it to Indianapolis last weekend, maybe I’ll see you at True Woman ’14? I can promise you, it will be a wonderful weekend you won’t soon forget.

If you were there, I’d love to hear from you. What were your favorite moments from True Woman ’12?

CD Givewaway: Keith and Kristyn Getty’s Hymns for the Christian Life

In just a few minutes, my friends and I will head down to the Indiana Convention Center to enjoy the last session of True Woman ’12. What a weekend it’s been!

Undoubtedly, a major highlight of this conference for most of the women here has been having Keith and Kristyn Getty present to lead in worship through their beautiful music. True Woman just wouldn’t be the same without them!

In the following video, Paula Hendricks of Revive Our Hearts took a few moments to chat with Keith and Kristyn about True Woman conferences, music, parenthood, and their new album…

As the Gettys mentioned, their new album Hymns for the Christian Life isn’t available for purchase yet, unless you happen to be here at True Woman ’12, and as I mentioned, I am here, so…

Would you like the chance to win a copy of the album?

Of course you would! To enter for a chance to win, add a comment to this post telling me what your favorite Keith and Kristyn Getty song is before midnight tomorrow night (EST). I’ll use Random.org to choose a winning comment and announce the winner on Monday morning.

Learn more about the new album at Keith and Kristyn’s website.

True Woman ’12: Joni Eareckson Tada

It was such a blessing to hear from Joni Eareckson Tada tonight at True Woman ’12. At the request of Nancy Leigh DeMoss, Joni came prepared with a message on a very important topic… 

Joni Eareckson Tada on Forgiveness

How should we respond to God when we’re hurt?

It is natural to think that God is unjust when he lets evil people run roughshod over us. Some suggest we need to forgive God in such situations. This concept is entirely unbiblical. God is never guilty of wrongdoing and never requires our forgiveness.

2 Samuel 11—In the case of David’s grievous sins against Uriah the Hittite, it could easily appear that God let David off the hook, but He did not. He ensured that justice was done and David’s sins were punished when Christ died on the cross.

How should we think about our own sin?

It is important to remember that no one has ever offended you more than you have offended God. On the cross, the apple of God’s eye turned brown with the rot of your sin. You and I have been forgiven so much.

Matthew 18—the unforgiving servant could see the speck in the other man’s eye, but could not see the plank in his own. We often do the exact same thing with those who sin against us.

Let God be the one to hand out consequences for the wrongs committed against you. True revival will not come in your life apart from your willingness to receive God’s mercy and extend it to others.

All things in this life are definitely not equal. The good die young. The innocent suffer. The wicked prosper. This life is not equal or fair. If it were, Christ never would have died in our place.

When we say, “Christ would have died for me even if I were the only person on earth, our statement speaks less of our specialness and more of the specialness of God’s grace. It highlights the gravity of our sin—that our sins alone would require the death of Christ.

How should we respond when we’re wounded by others?

Joni’s friend Vicky suffered terribly at the hands of an evil man who nearly killed her and left her paralyzed for life. She shared this advice with Joni regarding forgiveness:

Forgiveness brings me closer to Jesus than anything else. It gives me a spiritual bath. Most importantly, it gives me freedom.

  • Release the offense
  • Forgive the person
  • Forget it
  • Love the person
  • Go on with living

Forgiveness frees us to come purely before the throne of our wonderful Savior.


It took the most unfair act in history to satisfy divine wrath. Jesus’ death on the cross made it possible for the least deserving of all people, you and me, to gain an undeserved eternity of happiness.

Would you let the offenses committed against you go, will you love that person, and then, will you go on with living?

Lord Jesus, I will not be bitter and I will not retaliate. Instead, I will marvel at the sacrifice of Christ on the cross in my behalf. For the sake of Him, I will forgive.

True Woman ’12: Priscilla Shirer

Night 2 of True Woman ’12 was simply amazing. If you weren’t able to watch the live stream, I hope you’ll enjoy getting a glimpse of the evening here in Indy through the notes I jotted down. 

Priscilla Shirer

As Priscilla opened her message, she explained how excited her sons get about going fishing in a nearby creek. She assumed the boys loved the activity of fishing itself until one day when she saw them give up after their efforts produced no results. When she asked why they had stopped fishing, her son told her, “Fishing is not supposed to be that hard.”

Priscilla wondered if there may be women present at True Woman ’12 who felt similarly about their spiritual efforts—women who had been working faithfully, but had become discouraged about the apparent lack of results.

Luke 5—Jesus’ Plan for Simon’s Abandoned Boat

On the shores of the Sea of Galilee, Jesus found a discouraged, frustrated, disappointed fisherman washing his fishing nets after a long day of unsuccessful fishing.

Many times the situations that we see as useless in life are the very situations that Jesus will step into to make useful. Jesus used Simon Peter’s abandoned fishing boat as a platform to proclaim His greatness. He does the same with places in our lives that we see as useless.

People around us need not only to hear what we believe, but also to see the transformation that Jesus accomplishes in the abandoned boat circumstances of our lives. He will use all we face for His glory and our good.

Our God is sovereign over every event that takes place in our lives. His sovereignty allows us to practice Psalm 46:10—Be still and know that I am God.

Jesus’ Plan for Our Lack

If God had allowed Simon to catch all of the fish he wanted that night, there would have been no place for Jesus to stand in his boat. We shouldn’t be disappointed by what seems to be a lack in our lives. If God is allowing a hole in our life, that means He has a plan to fill it up.

Jesus asked Simon to set out in the boat again to catch fish in the deep water. Although this didn’t make sense to Simon, he did it anyway. We are better off in deep water with Jesus than we are in shallow water without Him.

When Simon and his friends did what Jesus said, they caught so many fish that the nets began to break and the boats began to sink. God often renders us speechless with displays of His power when we follow Him in faith.

When we demonstrate our faith through obedience, our actions will often appear risky or senseless to those around us. If God calls us into the deep, we can be confident that He has a divine plan to demonstrate His power in our lives. 

True Woman ’12: Mary Kassian

I am so sorry that I haven’t been able to keep you posted on the events happening at True Woman ’12 as I had hoped to do. Unfortunately, I have been without Internet access for most of the day. Perhaps the Lord wanted me to focus more on absorbing the messages myself before I thought about passing the truths on to others!

Day 2 of True Woman ’12 began with messages presented by Mary Kassian and Janet Parshall. Here are some of the thoughts shared by Mary…

Mary Kassian

Sending out an S.O.S.—Isaiah’s Message in a Bottle

When people are in danger, they send out an S.O.S., a cry to “Save Our Souls.” In his day, Isaiah sent out such a cry to his people.

1. The Crisis

Isaiah was an 8th century prophet of Judah who wrote to warn of an impending crisis at a time when the people of Israel were prospering in every way, except spiritually. They were making bad choices, not thinking or caring, and playing religious games.

2. The Condition

The people could avoid many woes if they would heed Isaiah’s warnings to turn from their materialism, false ideas, cynicism, mocking God, and intellectualism (ch. 5).

Mary pointed out a series of specific warnings for the women in Isaiah’s time and our own (3:11-26):

  1. False ideology “your guides mislead you”
  2. Girl power “women rule over them”
  3. Arrogance “haughty”
  4. Sexual forwardness “wantonly”
  5. Obsession “finery and mirrors”
  6. Insolence “defying God’s glory”

“Woe to them! For they have brought evil on themselves” (3:9). There are consequences when we don’t do life God’s way: rottenness, bondage, shame, emptiness, desperation and loneliness.

As women, we have the capacity to breathe life into or quench the life out of our men. In our culture, we have tremendous influence for good or evil.

The call in Isaiah’s day and in ours is to stand against the tide of culture: “Wash yourselves; make yourselves clean; remove the evil of your deeds from before my eyes; cease to do evil, learn to do good” (1:16-17).

Setting things right with God is not easy, but it is so good. When He corrects us, it is for our benefit and joy. We need to seek His face not only for our own sake, but for the sake of our homes, churches, nation, and God’s glory.

True Woman ’12: Opening Night

I apologize for the delay in my “liveblogging.” Technical difficulties kept me from updating the blog as I planned.😦

Nancy Leigh DeMoss

The theme of True Woman ’12 is “Seeking Him Together for Spiritual Awakening.” Nancy used her opening message to address what seeking Him really means.

Our God wants to be found. He doesn’t play hide and seek; He makes Himself known. He created us to seek and find him (Acts 17:26-27), and the Bible tells us that God is looking for those who seek Him.

The problem is that since the Fall, no one naturally seeks after God (Rom. 3:10-11). We are born spiritually dead and cannot seek Him until His Spirit awakens us. Because He is a seeking God, He takes the initiative to reconcile sinners to Himself.

3 Questions to Consider:

1. What does it mean to Seek the Lord?
  • To prize Him so much that we actively set out to know and walk with Him.
  • To turn to Him for help before looking elsewhere
  • To set our hearts, affection, and hope on that which is eternal rather than what is temporal “Seek first the kingdom of God…”

We all seek. The question is “Who or what are you seeking?”

2. How are we to seek the Lord?

Intentionally (1 Chron. 22:19)

    • It is not first an emotion; it is a conscious choice to set our minds on seeking Him.
    • It is proactive, not passive.

Wholeheartedly (Ps. 119:10; Deut. 4:29)

    • It should be characterized by fervency and intensity.
    • The earnestness with which we seek anything reveals the value we place on that thing.

Continually (1 Chron. 16:11)

    • Every day
    • All day throughout the day
    • The entire course of our lives
3. What keeps us from seeking the Lord?
  • Self-sufficiency—no sense of need (the church of Laodicea—“I have need of nothing”)
  • Busyness—schedules so full that we have no time for the Lord
  • Distractions—noise, clutter, social media
  • Substitutes—competing desires, appetites, or passions
  • Fear or bitterness
  • Having no relationship with God at all
Two examples from Scripture to illustrate wholehearted seeking:

1. Song of Solomon 3

When the bride realized her beloved was missing, she began seeking until intimacy was restored. Because she was unwilling to go on without the one she loved, she took intentional steps to find him.

We can’t seek the one we love while we’re loving other things that compete with His place in our lives. Those who keep seeking will find. Don’t be content until you can say, “I have found the one whom my soul longs for.”

2. Luke 10

Martha was distracted and troubled about many things, but nothing mattered more to Mary than seeking the Lord. Mary’s sights were fixed on Christ; everything else could wait.

Only one thing is absolutely necessary. If we are not seeking Christ, we are forsaking him. There is no middle ground.

Concluding Thoughts:
  • Psalm 27:8 “You have said, ‘Seek my face.’ My heart says to you, ‘Your face, Lord, do I seek.’”
  • The reward of seeking the Lord is that we will see Him.

Will you be one who will respond to the Lord tonight?

True Woman ’12 News & a Giveaway

9 Days to Go!

I’ve been eagerly anticipating the arrival of True Woman ’12 for almost two years now, and finally, it’s just over one week away! Yesterday, I received my “ticket” in the mail—the wristband you see above—and I’m ready to put it on and head to Indy.

So far, over 8,000 women are registered to attend the conference. At a time when many in the church have either willingly or unwittingly embraced feminist philosophies, it’s truly thrilling to know that such a large number of women are interested in attending a conference where God’s Word will be honored and His design for femininity will be celebrated. 

No Need to Miss Out

If you’re one of the many women who would love to attend True Woman ’12 next week, but for various reasons won’t be able to make it, you don’t have to miss out. For the first time, you can enjoy True Woman via live webstream from the comfort of your home.

If everything goes as planned, I’ll also be blogging from True Woman ’12 as it happens. So if you’re unable to watch the live webstream, you can check in here at Precious Adornment to follow along through my blog posts.

And now for the giveaway…

Just to whet your appetite for the upcoming teaching at TW ’12, I’d like to give away a copy of Nancy Leigh DeMoss’s brand new book The Quiet PlaceThe Quiet Place features one year of daily devotional readings designed to help you withdraw from the distractions of the world to spend time meditating on the truths of God’s Word.

In the introduction Nancy says, “Far too often, far too many of us—myself included—opt for checking Facebook over meditating on His Book, playing Words with Friends over savoring the Word of our dearest Friend…It is my hope that this volume will help you cultivate a quiet heart and find fresh springs of blessing in the presence of the Lord.”

If you would like to enter for a chance to win a copy of The Quiet Place, please add a comment below telling me about your favorite Scripture passage or a passage that the Lord has used to encourage you recently. Be sure to include your email address in the appropriate field (which will not be displayed publicly), so I can contact you if you win. 

Comments will close tomorrow night at midnight (EST), and the winner will be announced Thursday morning (9/13).

Shipping to U.S. addresses only.

Join Me for True Woman ’12!

I can’t believe True Woman ’12 is only a month away!

On September 20-22, I’m planning to join my sister and a group of friends to attend what I know is going to be another great conference hosted by the leaders of the True Woman Movement. Speakers this year include Nancy Leigh DeMoss, Joni Eareckson Tada, Priscilla Shirer, Mary Kassian, Elyse Fitzpatrick, and Janet Parshall. Another exciting detail—Keith and Kristyn Getty will be leading the times of worship in music.  

The conference isn’t sold out yet, but it has in the past, so register soon. I’d love to see you there! Get more information HERE.

Precious Adornment Road Trip

I’m taking a little road trip this weekend. Would you like to join me?

For a few months now, I’ve been eagerly anticipating the upcoming Revive ’11 conference in Indianapolis, and tomorrow, Lord willing, I’ll be there! The really exciting part is that even though the event is completely sold out, you can all enjoy the conference with me without ever leaving the comfort of your home. It will be chilly in Indy this weekend, you know.😉

On Friday and Saturday, I’ll be live blogging from Revive ’11, so you can visit Precious Adornment to stay updated on everything that happens. Feel free to check in with me on Facebook and Twitter as well since I’ll also be posting updates there as the conference progresses. 

God is doing tremendous things through the ministry of Revive Our Hearts, and I know He’s going to use this conference to encourage and strengthen many women. If you keep in touch this weekend, you just might be one of them. =)  

And while we’re on the topic of amazing conferences, let me encourage you to start thinking about attending True Woman ’12 in Indianapolis on September 20-22, 2012. Registration is now open

Happy 10th, Revive Our Hearts!

In September 1997, Nancy Leigh DeMoss wrote the following in her journal…

I have been contemplating the possibility that God might want me to become more engaged in confronting the influence of feminism by promoting a biblical view of womanhood. I have felt that to do so would be to spend the rest of my life in the “lions’ den”—and to take on a battle that there is no hope of winning—the enemy has done such a masterful and thorough job of deception and devastation.

But I am reminded of numerous situations in which God placed His children in a position where they were hopelessly outnumbered–that He might show them that “the battle is the Lord’s.” If this is a battle of His choosing for me, then He will fight for me, He will conquer the unconquerable, He will cause the walls of Jericho to fall, He will defeat the enemy, no matter how numerous or deeply entrenched they may be.

I am so grateful that God provided Nancy Leigh DeMoss with the courage she would need to enter the “lion’s den” and begin the ministry of Revive Our Hearts. This weekend marks a day of great significance in the history of ROH, the 10th anniversary of Nancy’s first radio broadcast. What a difference this daily program has made in the Kingdom of God!

If you’re not a faithful follower of ROH yet, I can’t encourage you enough to begin listening to Nancy’s messages, reading the True Woman blog, and making plans to attend upcoming conferences like Revive ’11 or True Woman ’12.

Happy 10th anniversary, Revive Our Hearts! I’m asking the Lord to give you many more years in His service!

Visit the 10th anniversary Revive Our Hearts celebration page to learn about the history of ROH, plans for the future, and more.

Photo: Revive Our Hearts