Reaching Out to the Outcasts

“…there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother.”

Proverbs 18:24

Last night I did something you should probably never do just before going to sleep, I read the news. Amidst the usual slew of disturbing stories, one article literally brought me to tears. It detailed the tragic stories of four different teenagers from the same high school who had each resorted to suicide after experiencing ongoing cruelty and abuse at the hands of their classmates. The emotional pain these young people endured day after day drove them to make the most desperate of choices, the only choice they believed could keep them from ever feeling that kind of hurt again. 

These stories have become increasingly common on the nightly news, yet still, they give us only the slightest idea of how bad the problem really is. For every incident that makes it to the news, how many thousands more are left untold? In his album, The Story of Your Life, Matthew West expresses the pain felt by countless young people due to the cruelty of their peers. The song is called “To Me”.

The story…

Just as Jesus Christ was a friend to the outcast, so should we reach out to those who’ve been left alone and rejected. An act of kindness on our part may turn out to be the difference between life and death. 

The Story of Your Life is available on iTunes for $9.99.

To Me

Well, it breaks my heart
Every time I see the world break yours in two
You know those lies ain’t true
But when you let ‘em get to you
Being you is hard to be, I see

These days, stick and stones
Sound like paradise compared to those harsh words
They’d rather cut you down than hold you
But they don’t know you like I know you
If they did, I know they’d see, yes they would see

To me you are
Heaven’s finest invention by far
So much brighter than the brightest star
And what I’d give to make you see
Who you are to me

All your so-called friends
That said, they’d be there ‘til the bitter end are gone
But I won’t be just like the others
I’m gonna show you my true colors
You can’t ever make me leave
No, no, I won’t ever leave

When you laugh
That’s my favorite song
And all the gray is gone
Every single time I see you smile
I just haven’t seen it in a while

So go on and dream
Bigger dreams than this town’s ever seen before
There are just two kinds of people
Ones who say you’re just not able
And the ones who change the world
And you’re gonna change the world

Written by Matthew West
Photo: Dora Pete