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As we indulge in sexual sin, the first thing we do is distance ourselves from our creator. It’s hard to be close to the Lord when we are indulging our flesh. I have seen my own spiritual life set back immensely during times when I have indulged even in the “minor speed limit violations” of immoral fantasy. Those I have known who had serious sexual sin issues have always started the same way: First it was lustful thinking, then “soft” pornography (like “the famous swimsuit issue”), then hard-core porn, and finally acting on their sexual desires. The details may change, but it always starts with “little” sins that grow over time.

This happens because the first, “small” sins dull our senses, and leave us vulnerable to committing “bigger” sins. I’ve never met a homosexual struggler, for example, who simply “one day” decided to try homosexuality. No, it always starts small and moves on as the sinner’s senses become dulled by their activity. It’s a gradual enslavement. That’s what sexual sin does; enslaves the sinner. I have known many Christians who, even when they wanted to stop sinning sexually, could not do so on their own. They are prisoners of their own lusts, and it takes a work of God’s grace to free them.

Fortunately, God’s grace is available to do just that. Jesus said those who sin are slaves to sin. But he also said that the truth can set us free. For those struggling with sexual sin, even when it’s at its worst, Jesus offers hope and freedom!

~Jim Hendershot in “Sexual Immorality and Speeding – Why Obey the Limits?

Photo: OBMonkey