Broken Hearts Made Whole

“He heals the brokenhearted
and binds up their wounds.”

Psalm 147:3

It’s hard to imagine many topics which would prove more difficult for a songwriter to deal with than the heartbreaking issue of sexual abuse. Yet somehow in addition to songs about cancer, divorce, and rejection, Matthew West also managed to address this nearly unspeakable subject with both honesty and hope as part of his project, The Story of Your Life. Unfortunately, sexual abuse forms a chapter in the lives of far too many women and children, yet as Matthew West’s song indicates, it need not be the end of their story.

The inspiration behind “Broken Girl”… 

Want to help victims of sexual abuse and sex trafficking? Visit Shared Hope International’s website to learn how you can make a difference.

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Broken Girl

Look what he’s done to you
It isn’t fair
Your light was bright and new
But he didn’t care
He took the heart of a little girl
And made it grow up too fast
Now words like innocence
Don’t mean a thing
You hear the music play
But you can’t sing
Those pictures in your mind
Keep you locked up inside your past

This is a song for the broken girl
The one pushed aside by the cold, cold world
You are
Hear me when I say
You’re not the worthless they made you feel
There is a love they can never steal away
And you don’t have to stay broken girl

Those damaged goods you see
In your reflection
Love sees them differently
Love sees perfection
A beautiful display
Of healing on the way tonight

Let your tears touch to the ground
Lay your shattered pieces down
And be amazed by how grace can take a broken girl
And put her back together again

Written by Matthew West
Photo: Claire Cresswell