Voices of the Faithful: Book 2 by Beth Moore & Kim Davis

What would it be like to give up everything I know to serve the Lord? Saying goodbye to family, friends, culture, and even my language to minister to souls on a foreign mission field–these are sacrifices I know nothing of. That’s why I appreciate Voices of the Faithful: Book 2 by Beth Moore and Kim P. Davis so very much. It provided me with a helpful glimpse into the lives of missionaries scattered across the globe who face these challenges and many more every single day.

As creator of the Voices of the Faithful series, Beth Moore believes we have much to learn from missionaries who serve the Lord in various regions of the world. In her introduction, Moore explains her hope that this book will inspire many to pray more effectively not only for their own personal needs, but for the needs of those sharing the gospel through their work as full-time missionaries. To that end, Kim P. Davis compiled 366 daily devotionals written by over 300 men and women who serve overseas through the International Mission Board. All royalties produced by both volumes of Voices of the Faithful benefit the work of IMB.  

The devotionals are divided by month and categorized by topic. As various missionaries share their personal experiences, struggles, and growth in Christ, readers will learn more about prayer, divine appointments, encouragement, hope, and following Christ among other topics. Each devotional is accompanied by a verse as well as a prayer which often focuses on specific needs mentioned in the missionary’s story, so when you pray, as Beth Moore puts it, “You’re not just stuck with ‘God bless the missionaries.'”

This book is both encouraging and challenging at the same time. For those of us accustomed to living with a wealth of material comforts, it can be all too easy to focus on the here and now, living as though this world were our true home and eternity were non-existent. Voices of the Faithful provides readers with much-needed reminders of what truly matters—living for the glory of God, loving others, and sharing the gospel with a world in desperate need. I commend this book to you as a means of sharpening your eternal perspective and enlarging your concern for our brothers and sisters who serve in foreign missions.

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On This Day in Christian History by Robert J. Morgan

Robert J. Morgan, author of Then Sings My Soul, has sorted through records spanning the past 2,000 years to uncover the historical accounts featured in his book, On This Day in Christian History. Arranged for daily reading, Morgan’s book introduces readers to 365 significant people and events in Christian history. Included with each one-page account is a verse or passage of Scripture which complements that day’s story. In addition to more familiar names of Christian history such as John Wesley, Joan of Arc, and John Bunyan, readers will also become acquainted with the lives of a number of believers whose names have largely been forgotten in modern times–William Grimshaw, Jerome Savonarola, James Guthrie, and many more. The stories range from the times of the early church to the 20th century and cover events which occurred around the globe.

Reading through On This Day in Christian History, I was challenged in multiple ways by the information presented. Morgan tells of men and women, young and old, rich and poor, who were willing to forsake all to follow Christ. The harsh circumstances which marked their lives is entirely foreign to the ease and comfort characterizing my own. While reading numerous accounts of great sacrifice, hardship, and even martyrdom, I couldn’t help but ask myself if I have any idea at all what it means to take up my cross and follow Christ. Although hearing such stories and asking such questions is not necessarily easy, it is, I believe, a beneficial experience for the followers of Christ.

On This Day in Christian History could either be read as a daily devotional supplement or read through in sections, as I did. The great store of information included in Morgan’s book would prove useful in home schooling lessons, Bible studies, or Sunday school lessons. Parents of teenagers could also use this book to enhance times of family worship.

However this book is used, it will serve not only as rich source of information, but also as a challenging motivation for spiritual growth. 

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Review of Then Sings My Soul

Whenever the hymn, It is Well with My Soul, is sung during a worship service, I can’t sing along without imagining the author, Horatio G. Spafford, standing on the deck of a ship as it passed over the very spot where his four daughters had only weeks before lost their lives in a shipwreck. The lyrics from Spafford’s famous hymn, “When peace like a river attendeth my way, when sorrows, like sea billows roll…” are rich with meaning to me, because many years ago, I learned of the tragic event that inspired their writing.

Robert J. Morgan understands the difference that knowing the story behind a hymn can make, and that’s why he penned Then Sings My Soul, a rich compilation of the stories that inspired over 150 well-known Christian hymns. Morgan’s book contains the sheet music of each hymn accompanied by a one-page story which explains how the song came into being. The book itself is beautifully designed and features not only attractive cover art, but also contains pages with an unusual deckled edge, which provide the look and feel of an antique volume of writing.

Then Sings My Soul would be especially meaningful to musicians or worship leaders and also to anyone else interested in learning more about the history behind some of the church’s favorite hymns. Morgan’s book would serve as a helpful resource in many settings and in many ways–individuals could use it to enrich personal worship, parents could share a story with their children each time they gather for family devotions, or teachers could incorporate material from the book into classroom lessons. Morgan writes each story in an engaging, conversational tone and provides a wealth of interesting facts which help to bring the message of the hymns to life. I have thoroughly enjoyed Then Sings My Soul and would not hesitate to encourage you to add a copy to your family’s library.

Thomas Nelson provided a complimentary copy of Then Sings My Soul for this review.