Recent Cake Creations

I’ve mentioned to you before that I enjoy making cakes every now and then, and I wanted to give you a little update on my hobby. Cake decorating provides me with a way of expressing creativity without getting quite as stressed out as was common for me back in my art school days. Of course, I still get stressed out with decorating cakes, but at least this way the mental distress is limited to the space of hours instead of days or months. :)

In recent weeks, I’ve tried to be more purposeful about developing my baking and decorating skills in the hopes of turning this hobby into a little side business at some point in the future. I thought you might enjoy taking a look at some of my recent creations. Although working in fondant is a lot of fun, all of my recent cake requests have been for buttercream. Every cake is a learning process for me, and so far God has graciously protected me from causing any major disasters!

First, a church baby shower cake…

 A birthday cake for my friend’s mother

 Another baby shower cake

 A Valentine’s cake for the ladies in my Bible study

 And finally, a birthday cake for my friend’s little boy

Hope you enjoyed the photo tour! I’ll keep you updated on my progress.  =)