Hearts Divided by Divorce

“He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds”

Psalm 147:3

Each time a marriage ends, husbands and wives are forced to tackle the complicated task of separating into two what God joined into one. Houses, cars, bank accounts, furniture–everything gained during the course of life together must somehow be divided between the two parties. The sad reality is that physical belongings aren’t the only objects divided during the divorce process; the hearts of children are also torn in two as mom and dad head off in separate directions. Although society’s distaste for divorce has steadily decreased over recent decades, the pain experienced by children of divorce has yet to lessen. In his song “Two Houses,” Matthew West articulates the heart-broken cry from the child of a broken home and points to the hope of a home that will never be divided.

Here’s the story behind the song…  

Ladies, as much as it is within our power, let’s commit to creating homes filled with love, strength, and stability for the glory of God and the good of our children.

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Two Houses

Well, Mom found her a new place to live
And Dad found him a new girlfriend
Looks like everybody’s moving on
And it’s, “Hey, look on the bright side kid,
Now you’ve got two Christmases
And it’s every other weekend from now on”
Yeah, but all I want is the way it was

When love would always last forever
And families stayed together
Back to the day before two houses
When they held my hands when I was little
Before I got caught in the middle
Somewhere in between two houses
‘Cause these two houses sure don’t feel like home

Wide-eyed wonder grows up fast
Trust is shot and nothing lasts
And I’m thinking maybe it was all my fault
And will I ever get back to
The innocence that I once knew
Before that Summer turned into Fall
When I close my eyes, I go back in time

I heard about a love that never leaves
So I’m asking you to show me
I’m talking to You down here on my knees
Feels like You’ve always known me

When love would always last forever
And families stayed together
Back to the day before two houses
You were holding my hand when I was little
You were there when I was in the middle
Somewhere in between two houses
These two houses
These two houses

But tonight my heart has finally found a home

Written by Matthew West
Photo: Kiomi

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Photo: OBMonkey