Getty CD Giveaway Winner

I’m so excited that I have the chance to send a taste of True Woman ’12 worship home with one of my readers. It’s still 2 weeks until the official release date of Keith & Kristyn Getty’s new album, Hymns for the Christian Life,  but I get to give away a copy today!

According to, the winning comment was…



Comment #8 which was posted by Veronica Warden.



Congratulations, Veronica! You’ll soon have 12 new Keith & Kristyn Getty songs to add to your list of favorites.

For the rest of us, October 9th will be here soon. Don’t forget to get a copy of the album then. If you order through Amazon, you’ll get an even better deal than the price offered at True Woman!

CD Givewaway: Keith and Kristyn Getty’s Hymns for the Christian Life

In just a few minutes, my friends and I will head down to the Indiana Convention Center to enjoy the last session of True Woman ’12. What a weekend it’s been!

Undoubtedly, a major highlight of this conference for most of the women here has been having Keith and Kristyn Getty present to lead in worship through their beautiful music. True Woman just wouldn’t be the same without them!

In the following video, Paula Hendricks of Revive Our Hearts took a few moments to chat with Keith and Kristyn about True Woman conferences, music, parenthood, and their new album…

As the Gettys mentioned, their new album Hymns for the Christian Life isn’t available for purchase yet, unless you happen to be here at True Woman ’12, and as I mentioned, I am here, so…

Would you like the chance to win a copy of the album?

Of course you would! To enter for a chance to win, add a comment to this post telling me what your favorite Keith and Kristyn Getty song is before midnight tomorrow night (EST). I’ll use to choose a winning comment and announce the winner on Monday morning.

Learn more about the new album at Keith and Kristyn’s website.

Giveaway Winner

Thanks to all of you who added a comment in the giveaway for Nancy Leigh DeMoss’s new devotional The Quiet Place.

As often happens, it looks like today it will be the early bird who gets the worm, or in this case, the book.

According to, the winning comment was… 

Comment #1

Congratulations, Dreama Pritt! I hope this book will be a blessing to you.

True Woman ’12 News & a Giveaway

9 Days to Go!

I’ve been eagerly anticipating the arrival of True Woman ’12 for almost two years now, and finally, it’s just over one week away! Yesterday, I received my “ticket” in the mail—the wristband you see above—and I’m ready to put it on and head to Indy.

So far, over 8,000 women are registered to attend the conference. At a time when many in the church have either willingly or unwittingly embraced feminist philosophies, it’s truly thrilling to know that such a large number of women are interested in attending a conference where God’s Word will be honored and His design for femininity will be celebrated. 

No Need to Miss Out

If you’re one of the many women who would love to attend True Woman ’12 next week, but for various reasons won’t be able to make it, you don’t have to miss out. For the first time, you can enjoy True Woman via live webstream from the comfort of your home.

If everything goes as planned, I’ll also be blogging from True Woman ’12 as it happens. So if you’re unable to watch the live webstream, you can check in here at Precious Adornment to follow along through my blog posts.

And now for the giveaway…

Just to whet your appetite for the upcoming teaching at TW ’12, I’d like to give away a copy of Nancy Leigh DeMoss’s brand new book The Quiet PlaceThe Quiet Place features one year of daily devotional readings designed to help you withdraw from the distractions of the world to spend time meditating on the truths of God’s Word.

In the introduction Nancy says, “Far too often, far too many of us—myself included—opt for checking Facebook over meditating on His Book, playing Words with Friends over savoring the Word of our dearest Friend…It is my hope that this volume will help you cultivate a quiet heart and find fresh springs of blessing in the presence of the Lord.”

If you would like to enter for a chance to win a copy of The Quiet Place, please add a comment below telling me about your favorite Scripture passage or a passage that the Lord has used to encourage you recently. Be sure to include your email address in the appropriate field (which will not be displayed publicly), so I can contact you if you win. 

Comments will close tomorrow night at midnight (EST), and the winner will be announced Thursday morning (9/13).

Shipping to U.S. addresses only.

Giveaway Winner

As you know, I think everyone who reads Precious Adornment is a winner, but today, I’ll be sending a copy of Loving the Little Years by Rachel Jankovic and a $20 Starbucks gift card to one winner in particular. 

According to, the magic number for yesterday’s giveaway is…

The tenth person to comment was Elizabeth. Although we have no idea what color her toenails are, we do know this… 

I like plain old Starbucks lattes. But I only get them a few times a year. Haven’t read the book, but my sister (see above) likes it.

Congratulations, Elizabeth. Have a few lattes this year on me!

Thanks for the Thoughts!

Wow. You ladies should write a book or something. I was totally impressed with all of the great advice you offered me yesterday!

It’s not often you see that much wisdom packed into one comment thread, and I just want to say thank you for taking the time to share what you’ve learned with me. I’ve already read through each of your comments twice, and I’m sure I’ll be returning to them to refresh my memory more than once in the coming months!

In return for your kindness in passing on such great motherly wisdom, I’m going to have a little giveaway featuring two gifts that moms love…

A copy of Rachel Jankovic’s book on motherhood Loving the Little Years 

I’ve given it away before, but I think it’s good enough for multiple giveaways!

A $20 Starbucks gift card

I know how much you ladies love your caffeine. ;) 

To enter today’s giveaway, simply add a comment telling me what your favorite drink at Starbucks is, or what color your shoes are, or what color toenail polish you’re wearing if you don’t have shoes on, or any other vital piece of information that comes to mind.

You may enter whether you’re a mom or not.

As always, make sure you include your email in the appropriate field. It will not appear publicly (if you enter it in the appropriate field, that is) and will ensure that I can contact you if God has ordained that you should win this inspiring and highly-caffeinated prize package.

At midnight tonight (EST), I’ll use to choose a winner. 

It’s just my little way of saying thanks.

Revive ’11 Gift Bag Winner

The moment you’ve all been waiting for…

It’s time to announce the winner of my biggest giveaway ever. I almost entitled the post “Precious Adornment’s Biggest Winner Ever,” but I thought better of phrasing it that way.😉

According to, the winning comment is…

Comment #3 which was posted by the lovely Chelsea Smith:

This site has been such an encouragement to me!!! Every post touches my heart in some way or another. I’ve shared your site with my bible study group before, and I will continue to share the site with others so they can be encouraged too!!!! Praying for an expansion of the Precious Adornment family :)

Many congratulations to you, Chelsea! It appears God has answered your prayers by giving you this prize and by adding a few new members to the Precious Adornment family. There’s always room for more around this table.

Thank you, ladies, for posting all of your sweet comments and for sharing the blog with your friends. It was a blessing to hear from each of you.

And make sure to check in at the True Woman website to listen to the wonderful messages from Revive ’11. They are a prize in themselves.

The first 3 are available now.

Precious Adornment’s Best Giveaway Ever!

If you followed my live blogging at Revive ’11 last weekend, you may remember my mentioning the wonderful gift bags that greeted every conference attendee upon arrival in the auditorium. Here they are again…

Cute, huh? The tote bags themselves were nice enough, but the goodies inside were what made the bags so special. Inside each Colossians 3:12 tote bag, the ladies found…

A copy of the True Woman Manifesto

A True Woman “Yes, Lord!” Hanky (a.k.a. The white flag of surrender)

2012 Revive Our Hearts Wall Calendar

A Copy of Voices of the True Woman Movement
One copy of Nancy Leigh’s 12-week study Seeking Him

A True Woman Leader’s Kit containing print and audio resources
for hosting a local True Woman event

And finally, an ESV Personal Size Study Bible

I took the time to add it all up and discovered that this bag of treasures has a retail value of $115!

The really good news is that I was able to bring an extra tote bag home to give away to one of you, courtesy of our friends at Revive Our Hearts.

If you would like to enter the giveaway for a chance to win this fantastic gift, here’s what I’d like for you to do…

  1. Help me extend the reach of Precious Adornment by sharing it with your friends in some way (Post a link on Facebook or Twitter, invite a friend to “like” the Precious Adornment Facebook page, email a link to a friend, buy some ad space in your local newspaper, etc.)😉
  2. After sharing in whatever way you choose, post a comment below. 
  3. That’s it!

At midnight (EST) on Thursday, I’ll select a winner using and announce her name on Friday, November 11th. 

Ready, set, comment!

Shipping to U.S. addresses only. This bag is heavy!

Redecorate with Revive Our Hearts

There are already plenty of reasons to love the ministry of Revive Our Hearts, but it never hurts to add one more.

At the ROH website, you can download beautiful desktop wallpaper for FREE! There are dozens of images to choose from, and several new summer designs have just been added. Here are a few samples…

This is a great way to brighten your workspace and keep your thoughts centered on biblical truths throughout the day.

You can choose from these designs and many more at And don’t forget to tell your friends about them too!

Birthday Giveaway Winner

Thanks to all of you, Precious Adornment had a very happy birthday. It was wonderful to hear from each one of you, especially those who found the motivation to comment for the first time. :) Above all, I want God to be glorified and you to be blessed through the things I share on this blog, and it is so encouraging to hear you say that you see that goal being accomplished. I’ll continue pursuing that end as long as He allows. And now on to other business.

Just so you know, before I enter the numbers into, I ask the Lord to allow the person who will receive the greatest blessing from these gifts to be the one whose comment is chosen. I hope that knowledge will console you in case the following number is not your own.

The winning comment is…

Comment #9 was posted by Karen:

Missy, congrats on 3 yrs. U have a great blog. Very encouraging n things that we need good reminders of. To many more great yrs!

I’m happy for you, Karen, and hope these gifts will bring you much happiness!

Photo: Zsuzsanna Kilian

Precious Adornment’s 3rd Birthday Giveaway

And now we are three.

Well, I’m not, but Precious Adornment is. Three years old today. To celebrate this special day, I’m ready to give some birthday gifts away.

Three gifts for three years.

These are a few of my favorite things…

Keith & Kristyn Getty’s brand new Live Concert DVD

Here’s a little clip from the DVD…

One Copy of Voices of the True Woman Movement

And finally, one $15 Starbucks Gift Card

If you would like to enter Precious Adornment’s 3rd Birthday Giveaway, simply add your comment (making sure to include your email address in the appropriate field). Tomorrow night at midnight, I’ll use to choose the winner. Results will be posted Monday morning.

Thank you to all of you who have continued to read and share Precious Adornment. You’ve been a blessing to me!

Photo: Ariel da Silva Parreira


TGC Gift Bundle Winner

Thanks for the great response on the Gospel Coalition Gift Bundle Giveaway! Your comments were, as always, a joy for me to read.

And now, we turn to the True Random Number Generator to find today’s winner…

As you can see, 16 was the desirable digit. The 16th comment [chronologically posted] was made by Megan who said:

I really enjoy your facebook posts! Thanks for sharing them! :)

Megan, I know you’re going to be blessed by all of the great stuff you’re getting in this package. I hope you enjoy getting this gift as much as I enjoy giving it to you! 

Photo: Kriss Szkurlatowski

Gospel Coalition Gift Bundle Giveaway

Having the opportunity to attend an event like the Gospel Coalition Conference this past week was an incredible blessing I wish I could share with each one of you. With that thought in mind, I’m excited to let you know that I left the conference on Thursday with a bit more to share than quotes and videos alone. With the help of Revive Our Hearts, Moody Publishers, and Sovereign Grace Music, I’ve assembled a little something I’m going to call The Gospel Coalition Gift Bundle, and very soon, one of you will be blessed to call this prize your own.

The TGC Gift Bundle includes the following items… 

A Girls Gone Wise pin

A Sovereign Grace Music 8-Song CD sampler

A copy of Voices of the True Woman Movement

A copy of Choosing Gratitude by Nancy Leigh DeMoss

A copy of Conversation Peace by Mary Kassian

I could also refer to this prize pack as A Few of My Favorite Things, since Mary Kassian, Nancy Leigh DeMoss, and Sovereign Grace Music have all been a great source of encouragement to me over the last several years. I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to share my joy over these wonderful resources with one of you!

To enter the TGC Gift Bundle Giveaway, simply add your comment to this post including your email address (which will not be publicly visible). At midnight on Monday night (April 18th), I’ll use to choose a winner!

(Shipping to U.S. addresses only) 

Photo: Ivan Prole

1k Giveaway Winner

Thanks, everyone, for the great comments on yesterday’s 1k Giveaway! I’m already excited about the possibility of what I could give away if the Lord allows Precious Adornment to make it to 2,000 Facebook friends. :)

According to, the winner is…

Comment #11 was posted by Rachel who said:

Congrats on a great Milestone! God is using you greatly! Thank you so much for all the encouragement!

Thank you, Rachel! I hope you will enjoy your Starbucks gift card and copy of Slave!

Photo: Billy Alexander