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Your daily dose of true beauty advice… Anger always requires a judge, because they are the ones who make judgments. In the Old Testament metaphor, something can be displeasing “in my eyes” or “in your eyes” or “in the eyes of … Continue reading

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Your daily dose of true beauty advice…

When I was in junior high, some friends and I discovered mercury. We were in an out-of-control science class, and we had too-easy access to the chemical cabinet. We started experimenting with different chemicals, and mercury was our favorite…We were fascinated by mercury, and we were extremely foolish. Much later, as a chemistry major, I learned that mercury is highly toxic. Get mercury in your system, and it will go to your brain and make you crazy (literally)…

Bitterness is like mercury. It is tempting to play with it. we can stew for hours on end thinking about how we have been treated unfairly and how we hope that someday justice will be done. We slide bitterness around in our minds and slip some of it into our pockets. And we are oh so foolish because all the while it is attacking our bones (Proverbs 14:30). Fooling around with bitterness is like drinking poison and hoping that someone else will die…

Bitterness is not something done to us. Others may create a situation that tempts you to be bitter, but if you live with bitterness, you do so because you have invited it to be your houseguest.

You can defeat bitterness in these ways:

  • Trust God’s justice and providence.
  • Listen to wise people.
  • Love those people to whom you are close.
  • Decide not to sin.

Beat bitterness, or it will beat you. 

~Chris Brauns in Unpacking Forgiveness

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Are You Angry?

“Be angry and do not sin; do not let the sun go down on your anger.”

Ephesians 4:26

In his recent article, “The Angry Person: Always the Last to Know,” Ed Welch of CCEF discusses why individuals with sinful patterns of anger often remain unconvinced they have a problem that needs to be addressed. He offers these questions to help us identify and deal with the sin of anger:

  1. Do you stretch and enlarge the category of anger so it includes you? I know a man who doesn’t think he is angry even though every hour or so he threatens to rip off someone’s head. His narrow definition of anger? An angry person actually rips off someone’s head. Since he only wants to rip off someone’s head, he isn’t angry.
  2. Have you enlarged the spectrum of your anger by filling in some of the details from the Sermon on the Mount? (Matthew 5:21-22) For example, at one extreme is murder, at the other is our internal muttering, “what a jerk.” What’s in between? Of course, everything on this spectrum is murderous.
  3. In the last six months have you confessed your sin of anger, to both God and the injured person?
  4. In the last six months have you asked those closest to you, “When have you seen me angry in the last few weeks?” When will you ask them? Is the real cause of your frustration/anger usually something or someone other than you? Do you understand the real cause is not “THEM” and is really “I WANT and I’m not getting what I want”? (James 4:1-10)
  5. Do you know that Jesus was never angry because of something done to him? Do you care?
  6. Are you ever wrong? Angry people, against all the odds, are nearly always right.
  7. “Do you have a right to be angry?” This is God’s patient question to Jonah.

Read the entire article HERE.

Find more help with overcoming anger in David Powlison’s mini-book Anger: Escaping the Maze.

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Ask Mel–How Do I Overcome Anger?

“Be angry and do not sin; do not let the sun go down on your anger.”

Ephesians 4:26

Anger wreaks havoc on countless homes and relationships. All of us experience this destructive emotion in varying degrees, but for those struggling with a pattern of anger in their lives, real change can seem nearly impossible. Is there any hope for overcoming this deeply-rooted problem?   

The books I mentioned:

Uprooting Anger by Robert D. Jones

Anger & Stress Management God’s Way by Wayne Mack

If you have a question for Ask Mel, send it to:

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