Evangelle Goes Bananas

Here at the Griffin household, we like to do our part to keep the banana industry in business. Evangelle loves eating bananas, lots and lots of bananas. If we discover that she doesn’t care for a particular food, all we have to do is add some banana to it, and she’ll eat it up.

Now that Evangelle has approximately 4 ½ teeth to work with, we decided to see if she was ready to progress from eating the mashed version of her favorite food to eating bananas big-girl style. As it turns out, she was ready for the challenge…

Hmmm…let’s see how this works.


Hey, it doesn’t fit!


Ok, that’s better. Open wide!


Wow, this is hard work!


Yum. Sweet success!


4 thoughts on “Evangelle Goes Bananas

  1. How precious! Aunt Annie loves her!!!😀 (I loved seeing her briefly last night, too! I took her to check out the pictures Jackie has on her fridge, and guess which one she picked out, and off, right away? Yours and Joseph’s at Christmas with the “E” stocking! Too adorable!)

    • Oh, how funny. I’m surprised she could recognize me with make-up on and my hair fixed. Maybe she recognized Joseph.😉

  2. I am so glad to see how your daughter is thriving! Can’t wait to see Thanksgiving and Christmas photos!
    (ps my daughter Jolie and her husband Rector Damien Grout, graduates PCC/Anglican/REC Seminary have moved and are at the Parish, Holy Cross in Alpine, TX. This is a tremendous blessing)

    • Thank you, Mary Ann. I’m glad to hear the Lord is blessing your daughter and son-in-law as well. Did their move put them closer to where you live?

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