What’s Happening in Evangelle’s World

At 15 months of age and after four months at home with us, Evangelle continues to delight Joseph and me each day with her progress. Here’s a quick update on the top news and events from her little corner of the world…  

  1. She learned to say “Wow” this week. Super cute.
  2. Each day she seems to become a bit more balanced when she stands up on her own. I’m pretty sure her first steps can’t be too far away.
  3. Four sharp little teeth now! There’s a good-sized gap between her two top teeth. Joseph thinks it’s quite adorable and hopes it will stay there. 
  4. Every day is a good day for dancing. If I’m not playing music for her, she seems perfectly happy to dance to the music in her head.
  5. Speaking of music, she has recently begun “singing” along with me when I sing. I’d post a video, but that would mean you’d have to listen to me singing too. Oh, well, just trust me, it’s truly precious (her singing, I mean). :) 
  6. She graduated to drinking from a sippy cup.
  7. Sometimes when I’m lucky, she’ll voluntarily give me a kiss on the cheek.
  8. Other times, she makes me laugh by giving me zrbtts instead. (See HERE if you’re unfamiliar with what a zrbtt is.)
  9. She likes bugs—eating them, that is. I’ve twice discovered her chomping on the remains of some unidentifiable insect. While I try to control my gag reflex, Joseph just laughs and says it’s good protein.
  10. Shoes are apparently her thing. Although she’s a total wiggleworm when I try to dress her or fix her hair, she sits completely still and eagerly points her little toes when it comes time to put her shoes on. Her papa sent her the cutest pair of Skechers last week, and as you can see, they made her feet feel very happy.  

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