How (Not To) Raise a Pharisee

When Christian parents dream about who their child might one day become, I don’t imagine that a full-grown pharisee is the image anyone has in mind. Yet even though no parent purposely sets out to increase the number of white-washed tombs in the world, the sad truth is that many Christians somehow end up doing just that.

As a parent who desires to raise your children in a God-honoring way, you may be wondering, “How do I keep that from happening in my family?” Perhaps the best way to find the answer to that question is by examining what often takes place in homes where legalists are raised. 

As part of a past Shepherds’ Conference at Grace Community Church, Pastor Carey Hardy presented a message entitled “How to Raise a Pharisee.” As he explained the actions and attitudes which commonly push children down the path of legalism, Pastor Hardy provided valuable teaching for any parent who hopes to avoid doing that very thing.

According to Pastor Hardy, the following 12 steps will increase your probability of raising a Pharisee:

1. Majoring on external, instead of internal issues
2. Maintaining excessive control over your child
3. Overreacting to your child’s failures
4. Reacting to your child with unforgiveness
5. Elevating preference over biblical principles
6. Practicing unnecessary separatism
7. Judging others
8. Being a fighter
9. Showing favoritism
10. Having a home without humor
11. Seeking to build up your child’s self esteem
12. Having a lack of genuine spirituality

This message contains so much wisdom and solid biblical teaching, I’ve already listened to it twice this week! If you desire to raise your children in a home where the gospel and God’s grace are continually celebrated, I highly recommend that you listen to it as well.

You can download “How to Raise a Pharisee” HERE.

Photo: Derek Kimball

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