Book Review: No Greater Love by Levi Benkert

Before last weekend, it had been quite a long time since I’d found a book so intriguing that I read it through in one afternoon. But when I sat down with Levi Benkert and Candy Chand’s new book No Greater Love, that’s exactly what I did.

No Greater Love tells the remarkable true story of how an unexpected phone call turned Levi Benkert’s world upside down and resulted in he and his family doing something he would never have imagined. Within the course of 6 weeks, Levi, his wife, and three children left everything they knew in America in order to travel across the world in the hopes of rescuing innocent children destined for death in Ethiopia.

An Unthinkable Practice

The Benkerts’ hearts were captured by the plight of children labeled as mingi by certain tribes in rural regions of Ethiopia. Steeped in superstitious pagan beliefs, these tribes remain convinced that for various reasons, certain children are “unclean” or “cursed” and must be put to death in order to prevent evil spirits from punishing the entire tribe with drought, crop failure, and death. Children are declared mingi if they are born out of wedlock, if their parents conceive without a special tribal ceremony being performed beforehand, or if their top teeth appear before their bottom teeth.

An Incredible Calling

When Levi and his wife Jessie learned that mingi children are routinely starved, drowned, or suffocated by their own parents, they knew God was calling them to do something to make a difference. Once they arrived in Ethiopia however, the Benkerts realized that rescuing these children and providing them with loving homes and families would be far more complicated and heartrending than they could ever have envisioned. Although they faced countless challenges in their new ministry, Levi and Jessie persevered and saw many lives saved and their own hearts forever changed.

A Powerful Story

No Greater Love is a captivating story which is well-worth reading. I found the Benkerts’ experiences to be especially meaningful because of my own family’s deep connection to the country of Ethiopia. Evangelle and I often pray together that God would shine the light of His gospel into the darkness of her home country, and No Greater Love provided me with a sweet reminder that He has not forgotten the people of Ethiopia.

Learn More

No Greater Love is now available for purchase.

Read about Levi and Jessie’s current ministry in Ethiopia at their website Bring Love In.


Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book free from the publisher through a blogger review program. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255 

2 thoughts on “Book Review: No Greater Love by Levi Benkert

  1. Melissa: I’ve followed Levi’s story and previous blog “Drawn from Water” for years. Excited to see what he is doing with his new ministry now. Can’t wait to read the book.

    • I know you’ll really enjoy it, Angie. It was great to read the book and know exactly what Levi was talking about at certain points, like coming out of the airport at Addis Ababa and breathing in the aroma of Ethiopia for the first time.

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