Not So Fast!

Joseph, Evangelle, and I just returned from spending one week in glorious Santa Clarita, California. I love that city for so many reasons—the tea room, the array of cupcake bakeries and coffee/tea shops, the beautiful scenery and amazing weather—but most of all, I love Santa Clarita because that’s where The Master’s College makes its home.

I’ve been working on a master’s degree in biblical counseling at Master’s for the past few years, and the summer sessions on campus are always a highlight of my year. Being able to spend a week or two at a time immersed in biblical teaching provided by godly professors and deep fellowship shared with precious friends is a great blessing and encouragement to me.

This year’s highlight was even brighter than usual since Joseph and Evangelle were able to join me for my cross-country adventure. I spent the mornings in class, then we would set out as a family each afternoon for a little sight-seeing. In spite of the upheaval caused by traveling and teething, Evangelle was a trooper and seemed to enjoy every last bit of attention my friends and fellow classmates were willing to give her. She really is quite a ham!

Throughout the week, Joseph and I kept remarking how quickly Evangelle seems to be growing. Even though we repeatedly plead with her to slow things down a bit, she continues pushing ahead to her life as a big girl. The day before we left California, she decided to commemorate our visit with two big events—the appearance of a new tooth and this…

Standing on her own for the first time!

As much as Joseph and I love having a “baby” girl, we’re also grateful to see God at work in Evangelle’s growth and development. We’re doing our best to cherish every little moment!

5 thoughts on “Not So Fast!

  1. Actually that’s great Missie! That means she’s thriving on having a real family and getting caught up with other kids her age! So cute how she claps with you after she stands up. :^)

  2. That is just about the most precious thing I’ve ever seen! She is such a beautiful child, and I know you are so thankful for her. And what persistence…she has quite a future ahead of her!

  3. Yay such a big girl and so cute how she claps for herself:). Momma will be super busy now! A bittersweet moment, I’m sure.

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