Evangelle’s Favorite Things

One of the fun and interesting aspects of life with Evangelle has been learning about what she does and does not enjoy. Fortunately, she has such a happy and generally easy-going disposition that after 3 months together, we’ve been pleased to find that the first list is quite a bit longer than the second. We’ll see how long that holds out.😉

If you have a little one, are planning to have a little one, know someone with a little one, OR if you’re planning to go and bring home one of those amazing little ones from Ethiopia (hint, hint), I thought you might enjoy seeing this list of Evangelle’s favorite things.


So far, Evangelle’s diet consists mainly of fresh fruits, veggies, and oatmeal. I think she’d eat bananas all day if we’d let her, but we try to make sure she gets in a good variety from day to day. Because she experienced malnutrition in the first few months of life, I’ve been especially concerned about giving her as healthful of a diet as we possibly can to promote growth and keep her immune system strong. I’ve been incredibly grateful that so far she seems to really like healthful foods, and I’m hoping we can train her taste buds to stay that way. 

When we’re out and about, we’ve found the HappyTot line of baby food to be incredibly convenient. The squeezable pouches were perfect for travel, so we stocked up before our trip to Ethiopia. They’re all organic and contain no added sugar, and Evangelle loves all 3 of the flavors that we’ve tried. 

And, oh, my, does this girl love her HappyBaby Sweet Potato Puffs! They’re made with whole grains and sweetened only with fruit juice, so Mommy is pretty happy about her eating them too. You can find them in some grocery stores, or you can buy them in larger quantities through Amazon.

Hair & Skin

Caring for Evangelle’s hair has been surprisingly easy so far. We really like this line of organic coconut and hibiscus hair care products from Shea Moisture. The scent is amazing and may be part of the reason that I have so many people telling me that they want to eat Evangelle up.

You can find Shea Moisture products at Target and Walgreens. 

I wash Evangelle’s hair with the Shea Moisture shampoo once a week and then I do a conditioner wash halfway through the week with Bee Mine avocado cream conditioner. Another adoptive mom said that it had worked wonders on her daughter’s hair, and it seems to be working great for us too.

As you can probably tell, I’m one of those hippie moms who’s pretty concerned about keeping her daughter away from chemicals and artificial products as much as possible, so I was happy to learn that I could use coconut oil to moisturize both Evangelle’s hair and skin. We massage it into her hair once or twice a day, and we use it in place of skin lotion after her bath and before bed.

Evangelle personally recommends using it as a snack while having your hair done.😉

On our way to D.C. for our flight to Ethiopia, I picked up a tin of this Night Night Balm at a Cracker Barrel store, thinking it might be helpful as we transitioned Evangelle into her new sleeping schedule. It’s made from essential oils like chamomile and lavender that are supposed to have a calming and relaxing effect, and it has a very pleasant scent.

Whether it makes a difference or not with Evangelle’s sleep, I really don’t know, but I do know that she gets very happy when she sees the tin coming out before bedtime. I only use a small amount on her cheeks, neck, and chest, so one tin of Night Night Balm lasts a long time.

Headbands with large bows and flowers have become quite popular for babies in the last few years, but Joseph and I aren’t exactly fans of the kind where the embellishments are bigger than the baby’s head.😉 I found this set of 15 crocheted headbands with smaller-sized daisies on Amazon for a good price. Unfortunately, the price has increased by $5 since I bought them, but I think it’s still a good value for the number of headbands that you get.

I enjoy having so many colors to choose from, and Evangelle seems to have taken a liking to them too. She’ll try over and over to put one on her head. She hasn’t figured out yet how to get it on, but it’s certainly cute to watch her try!


Before we brought her home, the majority of toys that I’d bought for Evangelle were soft or plush because I thought that’s what she’d prefer at her age. I was wrong. What she likes best right now are plastic or wood toys that she can use to hit together and make a lot of racket! 

She loves these stacking cups that a friend sent to her.

And she’s gotten a lot of enjoyment out of these linkable rings from Bright Starts.

Books & Music

You can check my recent post on Baby’s Hug-a-Bible and Rain for Roots for more details on why Evangelle and I like this storybook and album so much.

I hope you’ve enjoyed taking a peek at a few of Evangelle’s favorite things. Maybe a little one you know would enjoy some of them too.

2 thoughts on “Evangelle’s Favorite Things

  1. Have you read up on/considered using baking soda and apple cider vinegar as substitutes for shampoo/conditioner? (don’t worry, the smell doesn’t stay:) ). I’ve been washing my hair with them since last October and I much prefer it to shampoo. And it has zero harmful chemicals and is quite thrifty.:)

  2. You should be aware – I recently bought the HappyBaby Sweet Potato Puffs from Target (I usually buy them at my grocery store) and found that the ones from Target contain TWICE AS MUCH SUGAR as the ones from the grocery store, but the labels are EXACTLY THE SAME!!! I thought that was illegal! It should be! The worst part is, the container says right on the front of it that their puffs contain half as much sugar as all other puffs, then points to the 1g of sugar in Gerber and BeechNut… but the Target ones have 1g of sugar, too so it’s not even true! The ones from my grocery store only contain 0.5g of sugar. Despicable.

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