Reading & Singing about Jesus

Two of many things I hope to pass on to Evangelle are a love for books and a love for music. Thanks to author Sally Lloyd-Jones, I think Evangelle and I have gotten off to a pretty good start in both areas.

Over the last few weeks, we’ve been enjoying Lloyd-Jones’s Bible storybook for itsy-bitsy children like Evangelle, Baby’s Hug-a-Bible. You may already be familiar with Sally Lloyd-Jones because of another more well-known book she wrote for little ones, The Jesus Storybook Bible. Since I love The Jesus Storybook Bible, I quickly ordered a copy of Baby’s Hug-a-Bible when I found out that Lloyd-Jones had written it as well.

A board book wrapped in a soft fleece cover, the Hug-a-Bible is just right for Evangelle’s size. Like The Jesus Storybook Bible, in Baby’s Hug-a-Bible, Lloyd-Jones focuses on God as the hero of every story instead of drawing attention primarily to the courage of David, the faithfulness of Daniel, or the obedience of Noah, for example, as many children’s Bible storybooks do. 

The 10 Bible stories included in the Hug-a-Bible are told in simple rhyme form that is much easier for younger audiences to follow.  

The colorful illustrations by Claudine Gévry capture Evangelle’s attention in a way that no other book has. When we read a story together before bedtime, her eyes stay riveted on the page while her little hand traces over the different elements of each picture.

The book is great, but I also mentioned music, didn’t I?

Recently, a group of various artists, including Sandra McCracken, recorded a children’s album using the text of the Hug-a-Bible for lyrics. Rain for Roots: Big Stories for Little Ones is a collection of folk music that both Evangelle and I are greatly enjoying.

You can download a free sample to get an idea of why I find myself singing these songs throughout the day. They’re very catchy, but not in a “This is the Song that Never Ends” kind of way.:) The music is truly enjoyable for children and parents alike.

It’s not often that you find a Christian kids album with good lyrics and good music, but Rain for Roots is one of the best. You can purchase the entire album for $8.99.

5 thoughts on “Reading & Singing about Jesus

  1. Thanks for the recommendations, I was just telling my husband yesterday that I want to get some new Christian music for our 2 year old. Sadly, you are so right about it being hard to find something we can all enjoy:(
    I will be checking this album out.

  2. Needed to tell you I checked out the album today…. Absolutely beautiful. My 2 year old was dancing to one of the samples and I am going to order it! The recommendation couldn’t have come at a better time:) About the Bible… I already have the Jesus Storybook Bible, and I love it, but feel like I need something simpler for a toddler…would you recommends the hug a bible for her, our does it seem a bit young?

    • I’m glad you liked what you heard of the album. I hope you and your little one have a lot of fun with it.

      About the the Hug-a-Bible, the reading level mentioned on Amazon is ages 3 and up, so I would think your 2 year old would be able to enjoy it for a little while. I know every child is different though, so you may want to see more of it before you buy. Amazon has the “Look Inside” feature where you can read more of the poems.

  3. My nephews LOVE their Jesus Storybook BIble, they read it everyday and it’s fallen apart! I was unaware of the Hug-A-Bible, I will definitely have to purchase it for my niece and I’m sure they’ll enjoy it as well. Looking into the other resources you mentioned as well. Thanks!

  4. You’re so right about Rain for Roots! They’re an amazing group. If you like them, you may like the music that Crossroads Kids’ Club is making for families and kids alike. You can buy the latest album on iTunes or download all five albums for free from If you like it, I’d love to hear about it!

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