Precious Memories

When we finally laid eyes on Evangelle in April after 4 months of being apart, she was wearing a traditional Ethiopian dress which had been given to her by the staff of Acacia Village as one of her first Christmas gifts.

Although we were not allowed to take photographs of her at that time, once we returned home the following week, my extremely skilled brother-in-law Taaron Parsons, was kind enough to capture these beautiful photos of Evangelle in that special dress…

With a handmade tablecloth from Ethiopia as a backdrop,
Evangelle was ready for her photo shoot.

She is the queen of funny faces.

Showing off some of her flexibility

Her continual happiness is a wonderful gift of God!

Her eyes—so dark you can barely distinguish the pupil from the iris—draw the attention of most everyone she meets.

Our favorite photo of all—We love the daydreamy expression on her little face.

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