What a Wednesday!

Every week I think, “Ok, this will be the week when I can finally get back to doing regular blog posts.” Some of you may remember that Precious Adornment wasn’t originally an adoption blog, and I want to return to sharing biblical encouragement that will help inspire Christian women to live passionately for their Savior (Don’t worry though; I’ll still keep you up to date on Evangelle’s life!). But somehow in spite of my good intentions, life keeps getting in the way. 

I really thought this would be the week. I had plans to post Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, but Wednesday did everything it could to get in my way. Even though I’m late in posting this, I will not allow Wednesday’s plot against me to succeed.:)

The Unwelcome Relapse

Remember how I told you on Tuesday that I was recovering from bronchitis? Well, I wrote that post on Monday night, but by Tuesday afternoon I realized that I was definitely feeling worse again. The congestion and heaviness in my lungs was increasing, so I returned to see a doctor after being advised by friends that the Z-pac I’d taken probably hadn’t finished the job.

I had just returned home with a new round of stronger antibiotics for treating bronchitis when one of the friends we’d made in Ethiopia alerted me to a new concern—whooping cough. Yikes! After a trip to Ethiopia a couple years ago, she said she eventually learned that she’d brought home more than a new child; a stubborn case of “bronchitis” was later revealed to be whooping cough.

So on Wednesday, I made yet another trip to see a doctor, this time to make sure I wasn’t about to cause an outbreak of infectious disease in Western North Carolina. Joseph was out of town, so Evangelle tagged along with me. Our doctor, who is quite the character, informed me that he had the perfect boyfriend lined up for my daughter, an 11-month old Nigerian boy who was also his patient. I wasn’t sure he’d understand, so I didn’t bother to tell the doc that Evangelle has already kissed dating goodbye.

Praise the Lord, the doctor ruled out whooping cough, but said my lungs didn’t sound good. He prescribed an inhaler, told me to take the new antibiotics, and to be sure to take seriously my need for rest. I’m not sure if he’d forgotten I had a one-year old child in my arms when he mentioned that last point.

The Unexpected Eruption

I had a couple more errands to run before returning home, but since our little outing had already gobbled up Evangelle’s afternoon nap time, I decided to save the grocery shopping for another trip. By now it was nearly 5 o’clock, and I was getting hungry…just one more stop at a Chinese restaurant. Some take-out would surely simplify the remainder of my evening. Well, that’s what I thought anyway. 

Evangelle and I sat down on a bench in the entryway of the restaurant to wait for my meal, and that’s when Wednesday really got interesting. My little munchkin was sitting on my lap, drinking some water, and playing happily, when suddenly, without warning, Mt. Evangelle began to erupt. The poor girl lost every last bit of her lunch, and there we sat, both of us, with more food than I thought her little belly could even contain splattered all over our clothing, the seat, and floor.

The Unbelievable Mess

I was stunned and immobilized by the mess, so I called to request help from the woman who had taken my order. What a sweet lady she was! She brought paper towels and a trash can and even held Evangelle for me so I could attempt to clean her up without having to make more of a disaster by moving from where I sat covered in sweet potato puree. 

After 10 minutes and half a roll of paper towels later, I was apologizing my way out of the restaurant with a half-naked child in my arms, half of her clothing in a plastic bag, and the not-so-simple take-out in another bag.

Needless to say, by the time we made it home, Evangelle and I were both exhausted. After seeing that she had a normal temperature, I wanted to feed her and then lay her down closer to her actual bedtime, but her crying made it clear that the bottle and bed couldn’t wait. She slept from 6 p.m. last night until 8 a.m. this morning and awoke happy, smiley, and apparently perfectly healthy.

The Undeserved Blessings

Wednesday certainly was a doozy of a day, but I can’t help but be grateful for God’s goodness through it all. The fact that I have access to doctors and medicine in the midst of sickness, the fact that I’ve been given the opportunity to experience all the gory details of motherhood, and the fact that I’m alive and able to breathe (congested as my lungs may be) for another day are all gifts from God’s hand. Even in the wake of a wild Wednesday or any other day of the week, He is still worthy of our praise! 

6 thoughts on “What a Wednesday!

  1. Certainly the life of a MAMA! After having Bronchitis and Whooping Cough, I can tell you that when you cough with WC, you do have a WHOOP or intake of breath at the end and sometimes you can even fall down from it. Other than that, at first it is hard to tell what you have, and especially a child. Unfortunately, before my husband and I realized what we had, we passed it to our 2 month old granddaughter right before she had her shot. Thank heavens for an antibiotic that works on that, but she will have some lung damage all her life. Doctors have only recently realized that vaccines are not lifelong, and adults are getting diseases and passing them around again. Although, this was a scary event, I still have reservations regarding many vaccines and do not promote all of the ones babies receive when they are a few hours/days old in the hospital. Each parent has to decide about these things for their families. I am glad you are getting through your experience! May the Lord continue to bless you on your parenting adventure!

    • Oh, wow, that must have been so difficult for all of you! The friend who told me to consider whooping cough had been vaccinated as a child and said that is the case for many adults who get it. Evangelle received vaccinations while in Ethiopia, so she does have some immunity, but I know that’s still not foolproof. I’m thankful to know I wasn’t exposing her to another challenge to her respiratory system.

      Thank you for your continued encouragement, Mary Ann!

  2. Embarrassing as it may have been, I would be thankful that the eruption took place on a hard-surfaced (presumably tile) floor, rather than in your car.

    • Yes, I thought about that on the way home. I can’t even imagine trying to clean that up in the car. Just one more thing to be thankful for! =)

  3. I love the comment about “being given the opportunity to experience all the gory details of motherhood.”:) So very true. I think every mother has many stories like that to share. Nothing is simple and things often do not go as planned but it makes for some memorable experiences. A routine trip to pick up carryout chinese has turned into quite a story to tell.:) You haven’t lived the experience of motherhood until you have been covered in pureed food by your child.:) My son did that often when he was a baby. And then there was the time that we all got the stomach flu.:) I wasn’t so lucky though. I had to clean up the whole back seat of our van.
    I hope that you start feeling much better and that you and Evangelle will be able to share many cherished times together.

  4. Ugh, hate those eruptions..especially with the little ones. There is no warning:) Praying you are feeling better soon. It’s tough being a sick mommy. I love that you put such a positive spin on such a hectic day. Feel better!

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