Big-Time Birthday Fun

I am sorry to have disappeared for so long. About two weeks ago, I came down with a cold which quickly developed into bronchitis. A doctor prescribed antibiotics for me, but I was almost completely wiped out until this past weekend.

Shortly after I became sick, Joseph and I learned that the congestion Evangelle has been experiencing since we brought her home had moved into her lower respiratory system, and she too, was put on antibiotics. This wasn’t exactly the kind of mother/daughter experience I’d been hoping we’d share!

Praise the Lord, we are both significantly better now, and I finally had the energy to sort through and post photos from Evangelle’s recent birthday. As you might imagine, we thought her first birthday was an event well worth celebrating. So celebrate, we did!

We wanted all of Evangelle’s closest friends and family members to be there, but that would have been quite a crowd for one birthday party…so we had two birthday parties instead. =) The first with family, and the second with friends who have loved Evangelle before they ever even saw her face. It was a special time for all of us.

Here are a few of the highlights from Evangelle’s first birthday experience…

“Am I turning one already?!!” Evangelle had the chance to share a pre-birthday celebration with Uncle Taaron, Aunt Niki, & Addison at Five Guys.

Evangelle’s first 1st birthday cake – I had much grander designs in mind, but time simply wasn’t on my side.

The birthday girl in her birthday chair

Pretty excited about getting some new baby lotion!

She had no idea what it was, but she was impressed nonetheless.

So happy to be together for this special day!

Enjoying one of her gifts from Daddy & Mommy the day after the party

Cake #2: I had a bit more time to prepare for this one, so things got a little fancier – A dark chocolate cake with cherry cream cheese filling, pink ombre buttercream frosting, fondant bear topper, and reused candle =)

First Dr. Seuss book!

It’s going to take some time for her to grow into them, but I can’t wait to see Evangelle wearing these! Such a sweet gift.

Thanks for the Beanie Baby, Nana & Papa!

Evangelle had fun trying out her new pool and bathing suit. I see a lot of summer fun and sunscreen in her future.

It’s so hard to believe our baby girl is already one year old!

Every day God gives us with Evangelle is a gift, and we’re excited to see what He has planned for her future. 

7 thoughts on “Big-Time Birthday Fun

  1. Where oh where does the time go? One year already? What a BEAUTIFUL and PRECIOUS baby girl! How blessed she is to have you and Joseph for her mommy and daddy!

  2. Great photos! She certainly is an expressive little thing! We look forward to sharing some time with her(and her parents) in a little over a week! Love to all! Nana & Papa

  3. LOVE the pictures, Happy belated birthday princess Evangelle. We love you! Brian, Jeanne, Selah and Noah
    P.S. Noah says hi and he misses you.

  4. Oh my goodness.. What precious pictures. She looks like she loved her birthday! And Melissa… what beautiful cakes… absolutely gorgeous… I’d hate to eat it, it’s so pretty.
    Blessings to you!

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