One Month Later

Dressed & ready for church!

It was one month ago today that Evangelle first entered our home. Someone asked me this weekend what I’ve found most surprising about our time together so far, and I was grateful that I could honestly respond, “How easy it’s been!” 

As I anticipated Evangelle’s arrival, I tried to prepare myself for the possibility of any number of difficulties that might appear during her transition from abandoned orphan to beloved daughter—illness or disease, attachment issues, developmental delays, etc. So far however, the greatest challenge we’ve faced is figuring out how to satisfy her growing belly!

One of my dear friends recently told me she believed it was a miracle that Evangelle has adjusted to life with us so easily after all she’d been through during her first 11 months on earth. I wholeheartedly agree that God’s grace is everywhere evident in our experience. He has certainly been kind in easing us gently into our life as parents.

Evangelle is truly the happiest baby I’ve ever known. She wakes up in the morning smiling, kicking her feet, and ready for a day of fun. She’s so incredibly active that she has a hard time sitting still for cuddling, so I have to take advantage of her sleepy moments.

As soon as she wakes up from a nap, I wrap her up in her little fuzzy blanket and sit down to hold her close. She usually stays groggy for a short time and as a result is content to lean against my chest, quietly sucking on her thumb. As you might imagine, those brief minutes of cuddling are the best moments in my day.

Being Evangelle’s mommy is such an honor to me. Infertility, childlessness, and the long wait to adopt were all painful trials in my life, but every moment of darkness that I experienced then has only made the joys of motherhood shine that much brighter.

Sometimes people comment on how blessed they believe Evangelle is to be adopted into our family and have Joseph and me as her parents. I genuinely appreciate the kindness reflected in such statements and sincerely hope that Evangelle will one day see us as a blessing in her life. But for now at least, all I know is that I’m the one who’s been given an incredible gift.

Thank you, Jesus. This has been one amazing month. 

7 thoughts on “One Month Later

  1. I loved reading this, what a beautiful little girl:) It’s such a blessing that you’ve had such a great month with her! I absolutely agree with your thoughts…we are most certainly the “blessed” ones:)

  2. What a blessing to be able to report good news. We say the same thing about Tizita’s transition. God has been answering the many prayers of people who are supporting us!


  3. awww melissa, this is precious! It is so great to see how the Lord is continuing to work in your sweet family! What a tremendous blessing Evangelle is to you and your hubby! So glad to read she is adjusting well!:-)

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