11 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day!

  1. happy mother’s day melissa! what a beautiful day it will be for you! Rejoicing with you and how the Lord truly provides for our needs! What a sweet picture of you and Evangelle!

  2. What a Beautiful picture of you & your daughter!! ….and, What a Beautiful picture of Gods grace in action!! So thankful for you testimony and the work He is doing through your new little family:)

  3. This picture is beautiful! I am so happy for you, Melissa. Evangelle is so blessed to have you and Joseph for parents. I hope your first Mother’s Day is wonderful.

  4. Adam and I think she is just precious. I hope your first mother’s day is the only the beginning of wonderful days ahead with your little girl. I know it will be extra special for you!!!!!

  5. For 4 years I clung to that verse. Having to wait a while for a baby has made me so much more thankful for the precious gifts I have now. Happy Mother’s Day a little late. :)

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