Fun, Firsts, & Feet

Joseph and I have enjoyed another great week with Evangelle. Over the last few days, she’s definitely shown symptoms of teething, although I still can’t see any evidence of the teeth yet! In spite of some apparent discomfort and occasional fussiness, Evangelle has remained active, playful, and funny most of the time.

Since she’s been home for 2 weeks now, we’ve felt comfortable having a few more visitors over to meet her, and Evangelle has managed to charm them all. I think she’s going to become quite the little social butterfly.

The Lord has graciously continued to bless us in regard to her health. We’ve received good results on Evangelle’s medical tests, and she has a great appetite. We’re working on adding some rolls to her little thighs and the size of her belly is progressing nicely.:)

Hope you enjoy the new photos! 

First walk in the park!

Meeting her prayer warriors, Jerry & Kay

Enjoying her first teething biscuit

Just to prove she doesn’t smile all the time… Better be careful getting between this girl and her teething biscuit!

Poor bunny must have gotten on her bad side.

Standing on her own two feet by herself for the first time!

Speaking of feet… Aren’t these the cutest little things?

15 thoughts on “Fun, Firsts, & Feet

  1. Yaay! love seeing the precious photos of Evangelle. She looks so great and does have the cutest little feet! I forgot to tell you that a few weeks ago I was on your blog and Ellie came up to me and said, “Nettie?” So, she definitely recognized her. I hope they get to see each other sometime in the future. Blessings to you and your family! Miss you! Angie

    • Oh, that is so great, Angie! I’m so surprised she recognized her and said her name.

      I want to get together to see all of you so badly! I would love to have a reunion before Ellie forgets who Evangelle is. Hope you’re doing well!

  2. She is sooo sweet! I am so glad she is finally with you. I’ve been gone for 3 weeks, so it is a blessing to come home and see these photos! Thanks for showing all of us who have been waiting with you! Have fun being a mommy!

  3. Just so precious!! She’s adorable!!! So thankful God has placed her into your lives! Thanks for sharing your story with us and the beauty of lil Evangelle:)

  4. Awesome photos. :^) I WAS wondering if she smiled all the time!! Forgive my ignorance, but I was wondering what language the orphanage workers spoke to Evangelle in, and if she understands what you’re saying in English?

    • The nannies spoke the Amharic language, although there were some people on staff who also spoke English. I don’t know how much she understands what we say yet, but I think she’s learning quickly!

  5. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. thank you for sharing. My mom bought her the cutest pink ballerina slippers…i have to mail them out while they still fit:)

    • You are too much! Give your mom a big thank-you for thinking of us. Ballerina slippers–sounds too cute!

  6. Hi Missy! I found your blog through Dina. I just spent the last 2 hours (my kids entire nap time) reading post after post. I sat here and cried with you and rejoiced with you. Thank you so much for sharing your journey. Your faith in our unchanging, always loving, forever protecting God is so evident! I look forward to watching your precious baby grow.

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