Life with Netsie

On our drive home to North Carolina

We do a lot of smiling around here these days.

Joseph and I have enjoyed over a week of life with Netsie so far, and we both believe the experience deserves two enthusiastic thumbs-up (or is that four?).

In spite of all the upheaval she’s been through during the last 10 days, Netsie-Evangelle (as I sometimes call her to transition her to her new name) has continually amazed us with her contented and happy spirit. She begins and ends her days with smiles, and she makes sure that her mommy and daddy do the same. Funny faces are her specialty!

Excited about getting some sweet potato puffs!

We’ve begun establishing something of a routine at home, and aside from a little fatigue on Joseph’s and my part, things are progressing well. I could tell the jetlag was affecting Evangelle during the first few days, but she seems to have adjusted now and only wakes up once overnight.

She has a good appetite and loves rice cereal mixed with fresh avocados, bananas, or sweet potatoes. We’re doing our best to strengthen Evangelle’s immune system and get some more meat on her bones. Because of how small she is for her age (15 1/2 lbs. at almost 11 mos.) the doctor said we cannot overfeed her at this point.

Having fun with her new camera from Aunt Niki & Uncle Taaron

Our only real snag came during her visit to the pediatrician on Wednesday as the nurses struggled for far too long to extract 4 vials of blood from her tiny veins. After more than 20 minutes of holding our poor baby down while she screamed in terror, the nurses suggested giving it one more try to fill the last vial. My husband told them politely that we were done. I know the nurses were doing their best, but it was a terrible experience for all of us.

The next day, Evangelle still didn’t seem to be over the trauma and showed me for the first time that she was indeed capable of being fussy. I didn’t blame her.

On a brighter note, the pediatrician told us that Evangelle’s lungs were clear, so she no longer needed the help of an inhaler. He also said she showed no signs of an ear infection and told us we could discontinue the antibiotic that was prescribed for her in Ethiopia since her intestinal issues have been resolved.

We’re still waiting on the results of blood tests, but at this point Joseph and I are thanking the Lord for Evangelle’s clean bill of health!

Checking out her friend Tizita's blog

12 thoughts on “Life with Netsie

  1. I love the pictures! What a sweetheart. Call me a bad mother but I sometimes love it when my daughter is fussy “oh you need mommy to love on you and snuggle you all day….OKAY!”:)

  2. She is indeed a blessed little girl, and big kudos to your husband for standing up to the nurses–4 vials of blood is a lot! Hope the rest of your transition continues as smoothly as it has so far! Blessings!

  3. I’m so glad to hear of your smooth adjustment period. It looks like you all are settling into a great routin as a family! She is just precious! Loove all her smiles! I’m sure her smiles, silly faces and laughter are soothing ointment to your soul! Thanks for the update…truly a highlight of my week!:-)

  4. So happy to hear how things are transitioning. What a blessing! Praying that the Lord continues to bless you on this journey!

  5. Bah! That photo of her and Tizita is awesome!. I think your husband was wise to call it quits on the blood work. Goodness sakes, at some point the poor things are just wore out. You all seem to be doing so well. Every update about the darling children from the CWA-8 is a joy.

  6. I’m so happy your family is all together now! It’s wonderful to hear that baby is doing so well. I’m sure it’s all of the love and prayer support! Congrats.

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