Picking Up Precious Cargo

Well, ladies, this is it—my last post on Precious Adornment before Joseph and I set out on our second journey to Ethiopia. I feel like I should have something profound to say, but I can’t seem to come up with words that capture the emotions of the moment.

Our baby is coming home. 

I can hardly believe that after all of the tears, waiting, and longing, Evangelle will soon be in our arms again, and this time, she’ll be there to stay.

Thank you, Lord. 

Although the Internet service was spotty during our last visit to Ethiopia, I will do my best to post an update if I’m able while we’re in the country. Then once we get home, I will, of course, share photos with you when I have the opportunity.

While we adjust to our new life together, I imagine that things will remain somewhat quiet on Precious Adornment for a while, but I hope to return to a regular schedule of posting once Joseph, Evangelle, and I have settled into a comfortable rhythm at home.

Thank you for your prayers, thank you for sharing our joys as well as our sorrows, and thank you for caring so deeply for a little girl whom you’ve
never met. 

God has done something profound through all of this. May His name be glorified.

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10 thoughts on “Picking Up Precious Cargo

  1. Alica – me too…tears are flowing. So happy for you Melissa and Joseph and Evangelle!! pssstt…I thought of you this morning while thinking about Mother’s Day coming up. You get to hold your little girl in your arms on Mother’s Day this year!! YAY!!!

  2. Congratulations! The Lord is good, even in the tears and sorrows, but after those trials, joy comes in the morning!

  3. add me to the list of those crying! So happy for you, and although the post office told me your package would be there yesterday, it looks like it will make it today:)

  4. Praying for a quiet and uneventful round-trip journey for y’all and sweet Evangelle. May the Lord bless you and keep you until you are back home as a family of three.

  5. What an answer to prayer! So happy to read this post and will continue to pray for you and everything that lies ahead! Can’t wait to see pictures with little Evangelle!

  6. what an amazing God we serve! He has faithfully carried you through this process and will continue to carry you as you travel and bring home your precious little girl! I’m soo thankful to hear this part of your story is coming to a close and a new chapter is opening! My students have been learning about various African countries in History and today we studied Ethiopia, and I thought of you! Safe travels! can’t wait to see pictures!:-)

  7. What a very special weekend for me – Laura’s wedding on Sunday and the beginning of the end of your Evangelle delivery trips!:) There is nothing quite like sitting back, recognizing and rejoicing in the good and gracious plans and guidance of the Lord! While we will certainly feel the absence of your internet presence, we know there is nothing that could be more important than your outpouring of love into Evangelle’s life. So happy for you, but also happy for her because I know she’s getting an incredible and godly mommy and daddy! (And thanks for the post on adoptions, wonderful counsel!)

  8. So very excited for the three of you!!! God is sooo good! May His blessings rest upon your lives and His sweet peace and joy in your home as you become a family of three. God Bless

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