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Teenagers! Ugh!” Have you heard someone say something like this? I have. But the Proverbs 31 mother “opens her mouth with wisdom, and on her tongue is the law of kindness” (verse 26).

We communicate volumes about our homes and our hearts every time we broadcast harmful criticism or attitudes about our children. My friend Betty taught me a lesson I’ll never forget. She’d say, “Elizabeth, how old are the girls now?” When I answered, “Nine and ten,” she’d exclaim, “Oh I remember when my boys were nine and ten. What wonderful years!”

As the years rolled by and my girls’ ages advanced, Betty’s joy and enthusiasm was the same. She loved her kids, and she loved being a mom. What an encouragement to me! Betty was a mother whose heart was filled with motherly affection. Her heart was positive about God’s job assignment for her and her lips were respectfully quiet about any difficulties.

As Titus 2:4 [says], “Love your children.”

~Elizabeth George in “Love Your Children

Photo: OBMonkey

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