Expectant Mothers & Ethics

Ok, ladies, I need your help to settle a disagreement between my husband
and me. 

According to Joseph, it is unethical for me to park in front of one of these…

I, on the other hand, am fully convinced that after 2 1/2 years of waiting on this baby, if I don’t qualify as an expectant mother, then nobody does!

Am I right, or am I right? Please cast your votes, America.😉

Update: I meant for this post to be lighthearted and funny, but I’m afraid that didn’t necessarily come across in the way I intended. I think it would be best for me to close the comments, and just let everyone know that I have no plans of taking parking spaces from pregnant women!

11 thoughts on “Expectant Mothers & Ethics

  1. You COULD park there because you are expecting to receive a baby next week. But you SHOULD NOT park there because all expectant moms need as much exercise as possible! So I vote with Joseph. :)

  2. As a woman who had three kids in diapers at one time I would not have appreciated you taking that spot and causing me to drag two toddlers, a huge diaper bag, and a purse-all while pregnant with a 10 lb. baby across the parking lot and into a building. I have to go with Joseph on this one! LOL!

  3. I side with you, all the way. You’ve been expecting for way longer than most of us and, therefore, deserve it all the more! As a pregnant woman myself, I’d gladly take a couple extra steps for you to enjoy this milestone of motherhood:)

    So glad your wait is almost over:)

  4. LOL. While I fully agree with you on your sentiment, I think in practice Joseph is right on this one. Being currently 6 months pregnant with hip displacement and a 3 year old little maniac… I mean son, I can assure you most pregnant women would not appreciate seeing you going in and out of that spot!

  5. You go, girl!! I remember this as being one of the highlights of ‘expecting’ and you’ve certainly earned it so hold your head up high and smile as you get out of that car!!

  6. Well, physically you aren’t anywhere near enormous and uncomfortable, so you lose! Not that pregnant mothers really need those signs either …

  7. I’ll have to agree with your husband. Sorry Mel. I know how excited you are to finally be bringing your precious baby girl home. But parking for expectant mothers is reserved for women in their final trimester of pregnancy. I have to agree with happyvalleygirl’s comment. It’s not easy to have a 10 lb. baby kicking you in the bladder while carry two toddlers, a stroller, and a giant over-stuffed diaper bag across the parking lot.

  8. Haha! This makes me smile! Just more evidence of how excited you are and how exciting this is! I know this is sort of a joke, but serisouly, park there once just for the fun of it! I actually never parked there in any of my pregnancies, even with the last one with three kids in tow. I always wanted to make myself walk!😉

  9. I do not want to AT ALL come across unfeeling or unkind when I say this, because I can only imagine that you long to be big and pregnant and in need of a close parking space one day, but I have to agree with your hubby. The point isn’t to honor expectant mommies, but to make things easier on them when they are in physical discomfort.

    Though, my hubby would take full advantage of it. I have to tell him “no” when I am just a couple weeks pregnant. He is always very excited to get to use those spots and wants to park there as soon as possible. Obviously, a woman who doesn’t even look pregnant, doesn’t need a front row parking spot, especially when there is an open one right beside it…. but he feels like he is getting away with something when we use them:) LOL.

    Anyway, I believe that you deserve great honor and special privileges as a new mommy, but don’t think you really need the spot that a more physically burdened mommy would need.

  10. feel free to park there, if pregnant ladies are well enough to walk around in a store, they’re well enough to park 10 more feet away :) *mom of 2* I only used the “expectant mom” spot one time….because my husband was with me and wanted to lol

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