Boston Tea Party

Over the last few days, the Lord provided me with a happy distraction by making it possible for me to join Joseph on his business trip to Boston. Since I’d never been to Boston before, I was excited about the prospect of exploring a new city. Traveling is one of my favorite things.

On board the historic U.S.S. Constitution in Boston Harbor

Another one of my favorite things is drinking tea, and since the words “Boston” and “tea party” seem to be inseparably linked, I had high hopes for enjoying plenty of tea on this trip.

The sad thing is that in spite of the critical role tea has played in their history, Bostonians seem to have forgotten just how important tea drinking is to a civilized society. As a result, lovely tea rooms cannot be found on every corner as I had imagined.  

Fortunately for me though, you can still enjoy the whole afternoon tea experience at a few of the finer hotels in Boston. You just have to pay a tad bit more for it! 

Although I’m sure Joseph would prefer a more traditional Boston tea party where participants need a disguise and a hatchet, he was nice enough to join me for a slightly milder version of afternoon tea at the Taj Boston Hotel. 

Don’t you love those teapots? Teapots are also on my list of favorite things.:)

Tea at the Taj was wonderful, as was my entire experience in Boston. Lord willing, we’ll be home tonight, and I’ll be back to my regular blogging topics tomorrow!

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