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C.S. Lewis observed that what most distinguishes the gospel from legalism is that legalism says God will love us if we are good, while the gospel tells us God will make us good because he loves us. That’s a big difference—and getting your heart and mind around it will change your life. In the light of gospel grace, we’re liberated by the recognition that God loves us in order to make us lovely, not because we are lovely (we know we really aren’t) or could ever be lovely on our own. Love precedes loveliness in God’s economy; and his love is plenty big enough to actuate within us all the loveliness we could ever dream of.

Legalism keeps insisting that Christianity is all about how we perform for God; the gospel keeps proclaiming that Christianity, ever and always, is all about how God in Christ performs for us. When we transfer trust from self-performance to Christ and his performance, we finally leap out from under the burden of having to measure up on our own.

~Tullian Tchividjian in Jesus + Nothing=Everything

Photo: OBMonkey

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