Scott Hamilton, Skating, & the Sovereignty of God

I have to be honest…when it comes to the world of sports, I have pretty much spent my entire life as a complete ignoramus. The only real exception to my sports-related illiteracy occurred during my teen years when my sister and I became somewhat absorbed in watching both professional tennis and ice-skating. 

While Andre Agassi and Pete Sampras won our hearts on the tennis court, Scott Hamilton remained a perennial favorite on the ice. Almost 18 years later, I have yet to forget this amazing performance by Hamilton. His famous backflip still brings a smile to my face.

Although I knew that Scott Hamilton was a terrific athlete, what I didn’t know was that he is also a brother in Christ. My sister asked me this weekend if I’d seen Hamilton’s I Am Second video yet and told me I needed to check it out. I’m certainly glad I did.

Even if you’re not a fan of ice-skating, you really should listen as Hamilton shares his incredible testimony of God’s sovereignty over every detail of his life, including the brain tumor that turned him into a world-famous Olympic skating champion. I was moved to tears by the end of this video, and I imagine you will be as well.  

One other great fact about Scott Hamilton that I didn’t know until I started poking around online is that he was adopted when he was 6 weeks old. Hooray for adoption!

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