A Bright Spot in the Journey

For Joseph and me, one highlight of this past weekend away was having the chance to meet up with some of the friends we made during our recent trip to Ethiopia. Joe and Sarah Cotton were part of the group of families with us in Addis Ababa when we traveled to meet our children for the first time at the end of December. Unfortunately since we were staying in separate guest houses, Joseph and I didn’t have much time to talk with Joe and Sarah that week, but on the last day when Joe mentioned he was downloading a John MacArthur sermon to listen to, we suddenly sensed we were in the presence of kindred spirits.😉

Since our visit to Ethiopia, Sarah and I have been able to keep in touch and share in the ups and downs of this leg of the adoption journey through our blogs and Facebook. Joseph and I were happy to learn that the Cottons would be able to join us for dinner while we were in their area last weekend. Having friends who understand exactly what you’re going through is always a blessing, and spending just a couple of hours talking with Joe and Sarah on Saturday was a huge encouragement to Joseph and me.

The Cottons are eagerly awaiting the day when they can bring their one-year-old daughter Iris home from Ethiopia. As Sarah shared some of her story with me when we first met, I was deeply touched by her testimony of how God had sustained her and Joe through the repeated pain of miscarriage. After losing four babies, Sarah didn’t have much hope that her next pregnancy would end any differently, but God surprised both Joe and Sarah with the precious blessing of their son Blake. 

I’ve been thinking recently about the fact that the most beautiful women I know are the ones who have endured significant suffering and have continued clinging to Christ through it all. Sarah is a perfect example of such a woman. I highly encourage you to read Sarah’s story and follow her and Joe’s adoption journey at her blog The Fabric of Cotton

7 thoughts on “A Bright Spot in the Journey

  1. Angie and AnnMarie, I wish we all lived closer so we could have reunions like this with everyone! Angie, I’m still praying that we’ll be able to spend our next trip to Ethiopia in your company; it would be so much fun! =)

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