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Dry times—we all have them…I had one of those dry times not long ago. I couldn’t trace it to anything specific, yet my spirit felt as arid as July in the Mojave Desert. Maybe you can identify.

I know that Simon Peter would. He was weary, had been fishing all day. His back ached, eyelids drooped. All night without so much as a sardine! Yet at the command of Jesus, he summoned what little energy he had and let down his net. One more time.

Do you feel God has forgotten you today? He hasn’t! He is asking you to let down your net. One more time. Keep in the Word. Hit your knees and return to prayer. He’s going to bring you out of that dryness. So be faithful, friend. Trust Him. Wait on Him. Jesus can still fill an empty net.

~Joni Eareckson Tada in “Let Down Your Net” 

Photo: OBMonkey

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