Almost There

Praise the Lord, Joseph, Evangelle, and I are one step closer to being together as a family! 

Our case was successfully submitted to the U.S. Embassy yesterday as we were hoping. This means that we should be contacted by the Embassy in 2-3 weeks to schedule our return trip. From what we understand, once we hear from the Embassy, we’ll have about 6 days before we need to be in Ethiopia.

It was a blessed relief to receive this news today. An added bonus is that 3 other families who were with us during our first trip to Ethiopia also had their cases submitted yesterday. There are a few more families who are still waiting though, so I’d be so grateful if you would pray that they would receive good news next Tuesday as well. The wait has been taxing on all involved, but the Lord has been faithful to provide the strength that we need.

Joseph and I are excited. We have a lot to do over the coming weeks before we’re fully prepared for Evangelle’s arrival, but it’s good that we have some projects to keep our attention focused. We just can’t wait to see that little girl!

8 thoughts on “Almost There

  1. YAY!!!!!!!!!!! So excited!!!!!!!!!!! I seriously cannot wait to see pics of her in her own warm room and cuddled up in her loving home!!!!!

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