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The current popular notion that judging others is in itself a sin leads to such inappropriate maxims as ”I’m O.K. and you’re O.K.”…”Judge not that ye be not judged” has come to mean that if you never call anything sin nobody can ever call you a sinner. You do your thing and let me do mine and let’s accept everybody and never mind what they’re up to.

There is a serious misunderstanding here. The Bible is plain that we have no business trying to straighten out those who are not yet Christians. That’s God’s business…

”But surely it is your business to judge those who are inside the church,” [Paul] wrote to the Christians at Corinth, and commanded them to expel a certain immoral individual from the church:

Clear out every bit of the old yeast….But in this letter I tell you not to associate with any professing Christian who is known to be an impure man or a swindler, an idolater, a man with a foul tongue, a drunkard, or a thief. My instruction is: Don’t even eat with such a man…

The key to the matter of judgment is meekness…Meekness is one of the fruits of the Spirit. No one who does not humble himself and become like a little child is going to get into the Kingdom.

We can never set ourselves up as judges, for we ourselves are sinners and inclined to be tempted exactly as those we judge are tempted. But if we are truly meek (caring not at all for self-image or reputation) we shall speak the truth as we see it (how else can a human being speak it?). We shall speak it in love, recognizing our own sinful capabilities and never-ending need for grace, as well as the limitations of our understanding…

I said we cannot set ourselves up as judges. It is God who sets us this task, who commands us Christians to judge other Christians. It is not pride that causes us to judge. It is pride that causes us to judge as though we ourselves are not bound by the same standards or tempted by the same sins. 

~Elisabeth Elliot in “To Judge or Not to Judge” February 19 Daily Devotional

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