The Prayers That Are Bringing Evangelle Home

“The effective prayer of a righteous man can accomplish much.”

James 5:16b

During our 2 hour phone call last week, my friend Elizabeth asked me to share the spiritual lessons I was learning lately. (It’s a good friend who will ask questions like that, by the way).

Although there have been plenty of times in my life when I would need to stop and think before I could answer a question like that, on this occasion I knew the answer immediately. Throughout the long process of our adoption, God has been convicting and convincing me about the vital role that prayer plays in His will being accomplished.

When Joseph and I first began the adoption process back in September 2009, we decided to keep our new endeavor private until the time when its completion was months, rather than years away. Just imagine having to answer questions about your pregnancy for 2 ½ years and you’ll understand our reasoning. ;) 

Since I knew the adoption would take a long time, I tried not to think about it too often. This approach was good in that I didn’t worry much about the process, but bad in that I also didn’t pray enough about what was or was not taking place.

As the wait dragged on, Joseph and I ended up telling more people, and those people began praying. When more people began praying, more progress began to take place. It soon became clear to me that God intended to bring our daughter home through the prayers of His people. Looking back now, I have so many sweet memories of how others have expressed their love to us through prayer.

I think of…  

My sister Niki who has prayed about our adoption nearly every day for the last 2 ½ years.

Susan, a dear woman still grieving the loss of her husband one year before, who prayed with tears that God would intervene in the long wait of our adoption process and give us a child. Only two weeks later, He sent our referral.

Jerry, who first heard about Evangelle and saw her picture during a party at our house and asked that we all stop right then so he could pray for her safety and soon arrival home.

Kay, who told me she believed it was her job to pray God would send someone special to Evangelle to love and hold her during her stay at the orphanage, and who also told me she was “going to war” for us concerning a complication with our adoption. The next day we received a major answer to prayer in regard to that very complication.

Carroll, who wrote to let me know she and her husband were fasting and praying that God would send our baby home to us soon.

Dan and Judy, who, in spite of being in the midst of their own great suffering, put their arms around me after church to pray for Evangelle. Only 6 weeks later, Judy entered the presence of our Savior.

These are just a few of the sweet and precious prayers that I know of, and I have no doubt there have been hundreds more offered by our friends and family members over the past several months. God has heard and answered every one. When He brings Evangelle home, she’ll arrive on the wings of these prayers.

Tomorrow, our adoption agency hopes to send the U.S. embassy the final paperwork necessary for us to return to Ethiopia. Will you join us in praying that everything will be completed on time and that we will be scheduled for travel by the beginning of March? 

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