Growing So Fast

Evangelle is now 8 months old. Joseph and I received some new photos yesterday that were taken by the staff at Acacia Village last week. 

How do you like her new ‘do? :) 

Those of you on Facebook may have noticed that I asked for prayer for Evangelle’s health.

Yesterday morning, we received an update from Ethiopia which was brief and a bit unclear, but apparently, Evangelle had a high fever two nights in a row, was diagnosed with bronchitis, and was started on antibiotics. The nurse also mentioned that Evangelle had a decreased appetite which is definitely not good news for such a little girl.

Many of you have already told me that you are praying for Evangelle and for Joseph and me, and we are deeply grateful for your prayers! I will let you know if we receive any new information about her progress.

We are comforted to know that the Lord is with our baby girl!

9 thoughts on “Growing So Fast

  1. Look at that little beauty and her stylin hairdo!!!! Love it! Can’t wait for the day that her momma gets to fix her hair. Praying for her and for you as she’s not feeling well. (I know another little girl who had a bad case of bronchitis right around the time she was adopted and now 36 years later they can’t get her to behave!, lol).
    Seriously, I know you heart aches to hold her and comfort her as she feels icky. I’m praying that she’ll get to be in your arms VERY soon.

  2. We got the same update yesterday about our Josef – I think they share a lot of colds there. I will be praying for sweet Evangelle’s health while I’m praying for Josef. Oh, and I love the hair =)

  3. Melissa, she is beautiful, and I am thrilled for you and Joseph. When she arrives, we must get our girls together. Gracie would just love her!! :)

    I will continue praying for your family!

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