Introducing Evangelle

My husband and I have waited a long time for this moment.

And now that the Ethiopian government has recognized our adoption and she’s finally ours…

It’s time to introduce you to our daughter…

Evangelle Griffin

It’s not easy for Joseph and I to be so far away from this sweet face!

Please pray that the Lord will allow us to return to Ethiopia to bring our little angel home soon. 


25 thoughts on “Introducing Evangelle

  1. Missy, she is a doll!! I am so happy for you! I am so happy for her, too! I shared your updates with my small group just last night and we are all praying for a quick return trip to Ethiopia to bring Evangelle home!

    Love you all and miss you!

  2. Oh my goodness! My heart is just melting! What a sweet, precious little face! I can only imagine how ready you and your husband must be to have this sweet little girl in your arms for good! Thank you for sharing this journey with us! Before I was saved, and even as recent as a year ago, I never had a heart for adoption. I always wanted ‘my own’ child. God has used your story, along with a couple of other posts/blogs I’ve read recently, to stir my heart towards adoption. I had two miscarriages, then had my son who is 2, and have since had two more miscarriages. I know in my heart and I feel it in my spirit that God is going to bless my husband and I with another child of our own, but I also think he is preparing me for something more. Where would we be if God hadn’t adopted us?? Looking forward to what He has in store for us!

  3. She DOES have your eyes! She is simply beautiful. I can’t wait to show the girls her picture. They have been so excited hearing about your travels. Our prayers for you, Joseph and Evangelle continue.

  4. OH MY, she is the CUTEST little thing! She is absolutely precious!!!! And its so funny, because in her own way, she really does look like you! Its like you both have the same little light behind your eyes. I love it! So happy for you and your family! Praying for blessings, peace, and just happiness for all of you as you finish up this journey.

    Now, can you tell me exactly how you pronounce Evangelle? I have never heard the name before, and I want to make sure I am “thinking” it correctly in my head! Haha.

  5. Beautiful! We have that same outfit! So enjoy following your story and seeing God’s grace and mercy flow throughout your journey!

  6. Your daughter is absolutely beautiful!!!! I am so happy for you and your husband and will be praying for you during this journey. God’s timing is always perfect! Can’t wait to hear more about this sweet little girl!!!

  7. Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful!!! No surprise I am is the norm when I read your blog. Praying that all 3 of you can be together very soon!!!

  8. She is lovely and already seems to radiate with joy. Everyone will tell she is beautiful but I know you will tell her so much more. What a treasure for her to have you as parents!!

  9. She is beautiful. Even more so in person. What a blessing it was to meet you and share in our experience together. Praying that our embassy appointments come quickly. These little ones need to be home with their family. God will hold them close until we return. Blessings- Angie

  10. Missy and Jospeh,
    Congrats!! She is a precious gift that you guys will always cherish. She is beautiful. You guys will be great parents, God Bless!!

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