Revive ’11 Final Session: Nancy’s Family Chat

“The Lord gives the word; the women who announce
the news are a great host.”

Psalm 68:11

In the closing session of Revive ’11, Nancy Leigh DeMoss shared from her heart in what she called a “family chat.” The following is a summary of her message…

Since 2008, The True Woman Movement has stirred up more than a little controversy with its emphasis on wholeheartedly embracing God’s design for womanhood as both right and good. Although there has been opposition, Nancy emphasized that joy comes when we embrace God’s calling and say, “Yes, Lord.”

Every revival, she said, is an echo of Pentecost. The characteristics present at the birth of the church in Acts 1-2 are the same characteristics we will see when God answers our prayers by bringing a fresh revival in our day:

  1. Movements begin by not movingEvery revival movement is birthed not in a flurry of activity but in waiting on the Lord in prayer.
  2. Movements are Word-Driven—They aren’t manufactured; they’re produced by the work of God’s Spirit.
  3. Movements are MessyIt’s not all smooth sailing!

3 Concepts that Serve as Underpinnings of Revive Our Hearts:


    • True freedom flows from obedience and repentance and is rooted in truth.
    • True freedom is the ability to live by God’s grace in accordance with His laws and ways.
    • If we want women to experience freedom, we have to give them the truth of God’s Word.


    • Obedience and repentance lead to the filling of the Holy Spirit.
    • Biblical womanhood is not just right; it’s also good.
    • We need to let others see the joy in our lives.


    • Revive Our Hearts and True Woman are praying for a grassroots movement of women committed to living out God’s design for womanhood:
      • Women of purity, wisdom, and prayer
      • Women living out Titus 2, teaching other women what is good
      • A host of women whose hearts are revived and actively involved in ministries of mercy and compassion, sharing the Gospel and caring for the needy and oppressed in this world
      • Women consistently growing to be more like Christ
      • Women who expect opposition and are committed to swimming upstream anyway

After Nancy’s family chat, a number of ladies came forward to read through the True Woman Manifesto, a document which outlines the biblical principles governing God’s design for womanhood. In response, hundreds of participants took turns signing their names to copies of the document as a commitment that they would:

  1. Affirm It
  2. Live It
  3. Share It

I have been tremendously blessed both to attend Revive ’11 and to share what happened here through live blogging. My heart has been convicted, challenged, and encouraged to continue pressing on in obedience to God’s Word and in ministry to others.

Audio from all of the conference messages will be posted at Revive Our Hearts in the coming days, and I’d encourage you to enjoy each one of them. The people of this world need to see the beauty of biblical womanhood on display, and the Lord wants them to see it in us!

2 thoughts on “Revive ’11 Final Session: Nancy’s Family Chat

  1. Melissa,

    Thank you so much for coming, and for working like mad to summarize each session so well for your readers! I only wish there had been more downtime so I could’ve gotten to know you better . . .

    FYI: We just posted the first three audio sessions here: More to come soon.

    Hope your phone is up and working again!


    paula hendricks

    • Thanks for the update, Paula. I’ll spread the word!

      It was my privilege to come to Revive ’11 and to share what happened through the blog. I had so much fun, and I’m already looking forward to True Woman ’12! Maybe we’ll get more time for chatting there. =)

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