God’s Grace for Lawbreakers & Legalists

“For the grace of God has appeared that offers salvation to all people.
It teaches us to say ‘No’ to ungodliness and worldly passions, and to live
self-controlled, upright and godly lives in this present age”
Titus 2:11-12

Do you realize it’s highly possible to raise children who grow up to be good law-abiding citizens without ever becoming citizens of the kingdom of Heaven? In the church today, we so often equate external moral conformity with internal spiritual growth we may not recognize that little pharisees need the grace of God just as much as pint-sized rebels. If Christian parents desire to raise children who love the Lord with all their heart, soul, mind, and strength, they must carefully guard against allowing the law to overshadow the Gospel of Jesus Christ within their homes. 

In the following video, Elyse Fitzpatrick and her daughter Jessica Thompson, authors of Give Them Grace, discuss the vital difference between raising kids who merely keep the rules and raising kids who truly love Jesus Christ…  

Give Them Grace is currently available on Amazon for only $7.85.

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Photo: Karl-Erik Bennion

3 thoughts on “God’s Grace for Lawbreakers & Legalists

  1. What you are saying is very true! As parents, we need to make sure our little ones have truly accepted Christ, and are not just going through the motions. It’s not necessarily easy!

    I want to thank you for your ministry, may God richly bless your efforts.

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