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I was talking recently with a close friend. Some very difficult things have happened to her. She was describing a series of painful experiences, and how she had become very discouraged, doing a lot of worrying, brooding, floundering. She couldn’t get traction in life. Life wasn’t working. She felt swept away with the tension and confusion. She was seeking God, but couldn’t seem to find Him.

Then, like a bolt of lightning, the thought came into her mind, “Your father…is God. Your father is God.” She described how her worries changed. They didn’t go away: the child with a disability, the husband with financial problems, uncertainties about her health, uncertainties and conflicts in other parts of her extended family life, miserable things from her past. But the promise weighed more: “Your father…is God.”

That supreme and simple promise came in and rearranged the furniture of her mind, of how she saw life and what she lived for. It drained the life out of worrying. Think about that. You can say, “My father is God. He is more than willing to give me His kingdom. It is His pleasure. He chooses gladly to love me.”

~David Powlison in “Don’t Worry,” Journal of Biblical Counseling

Photo: OBMonkey

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