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Nowhere are the devastating effects of sin more evident than the relationship between male and female. In Genesis 3, we have the seed planted—that is sin—out of which has grown up a disastrous and devastating harvest. The relationship between men and women was created to function in complementarity, to respect and honor and enjoy and communicate with and love one another, as takes place within the Trinity itself. Now we have them at odds with each other, at war with each other.

Remember that the next time you have an argument with your husband. This is the result of sin.

Remember, too, that your husband is not the enemy. Men are not the problem, ladies—and if I were speaking to men, which I don’t do, I would say: “Men, women are not the problem.”

What is the problem? The problem is not men or what they’ve done to women or women or what they’ve done to men. The problem is sin and what it has done to all of us. It’s not just your husband’s sin or the sin of men, it’s our sin as women. It’s your sin as a wife. If you are a married woman, you are a sinner married to a sinner…If you are a single woman, you are a sinner living in a world of sinful men and women.

Sin takes the beauty and the grandeur out of God’s creation and makes it ugly and twisted. So don’t be blaming the men in your life for what they have done, heinous as it may have been in some cases, and I know I’m talking to some women who have been greatly wronged by men, and probably the other way around could be said as well; so don’t put the blame there. Remember, we are fallen creatures living out of a distorted, marred image of God.

Sin has separated every human from God, and it has made us incapable of reflecting His image as we were created to do. So where’s the hope? The only hope for sin, the only hope for healing from sin’s consequences in our own lives and in our relationships as men and women is in the gospel, the gospel of Christ.

~Nancy Leigh DeMoss in “Are You Wearing Fig Leaves

Photo: OBMonkey

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