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The Genesis account shows clearly who was made first, and what God’s purpose was in creating Eve.

She was meant to be a helper. So far as I can see, this is not in the least demeaning–for her or for any of us who follow the Master. It is a privilege and a vocation. Much resentment has arisen in women’s minds because of the suggestion…that one’s position defines one’s worth, a grossly secular view. Ought not Jesus’ position (born in a cattle shed, raised in poverty, rejected by those to whom He came, then acting the part of the household slave when He washed the disciples’ feet, and, at last, forsaken by His nearest friends, bound and imprisoned and flogged and finally nailed to a cross) prove to us beyond any least doubt that there is no such equation?

Was His worth impaired by these humiliations? He told His followers that whoever is chief is meant to be the servant of all. Why should we who have the high and holy calling of being His servants, ever protest for equality in the sacred realms of marriage, home, and the church? These are not political arenas, for here a much higher law than the civil one is in operation, the law of love…

God forbid that we Christians should introduce politics into marriage or the church. A glad surrender to the divine order is like a dance–one leads, one follows, each by his or her obedience freeing the other to do what God assigns. There is harmony then, true liberation, and peace. I know. I’ve tried it both ways [my way more often than I like to remember], and only God’s way works.

~Elisabeth Elliot in “Men, Women, and Biblical Equality

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2 thoughts on “Beauty Supplements

  1. One of the best motivators to accept the role of helper is to recognize that it is not a demeaning role. The same Hebrew word used to describe Eve as helper in Genesis is used to describe God as our help over and over again in the Old Testament! Helping is not demeaning; it is crucial to God’s plan for mankind. Thanks for the great post!

  2. Its only in good harmony when the position is not abused and misused by thetwisting of what Gods plan for Eve as a helper is meant to be…….Far too much is this twisted amongst Christian marriage……..Abuse is prevelent within the church,today. Women are scared to speak up. Fearful of being accused of not being in her place and the disharmony is her fault even tho she3 is being abused

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