Boys, Brains, & Bare Bellies

“Therefore let us…decide never to put a stumbling block
or hindrance in the way of a brother.”

Romans 14:13

Bring up the topic of modesty around many Christian women, and you’re likely to be decried as a legalist within a matter of moments. Although there are plenty of people who are guilty of severely mishandling the issue, modesty, when understood biblically, has nothing to do with legalism and everything to do with love. Our love for God and our brothers in Christ should be the decisive factors influencing how we dress.

In this interview for MomLife Today, author Shaunti Feldhahn provides practical instruction on how immodesty affects the heart of a young man. As she shares a story from her own family’s experience, you may be surprised to learn just how early in a boy’s life this becomes an issue…    

Photo: Laura Morariu

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