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God wants your life and my life to be a testimony to His faithfulness. “I’m going to do what God’s Word says whether I feel like it or not, whether it makes sense or not, whether I like it or not. I’m staking my ground, casting my lot with God and His Word. I choose the pathway of faithfulness because it’s right.”

Your life then becomes a living demonstration of the faithful, character-keeping nature of God. God does not hold you accountable for your husband’s choices. God holds you accountable to obey Him.

And God can and will bless you regardless of what your mate chooses to do. Your happiness, your wholeness, your well being, your peace of mind is not dependent on what your mate chooses to do.

That’s why your happiness has to be independent of anyone and anything else in your life. “My soul magnifies the Lord, and my spirit rejoices in God my Savior” (Luke 1:46-47). Lord, my expectation is from You. You satisfy.

If you’re putting your expectations and your hope in having a good marriage, that’s the wrong goal. Now, it’s not bad to want to have a good marriage, but that’s not the right ultimate goal. You have to have a goal that is for the glory of God, and no one can keep you from that.

~Nancy Leigh DeMoss in “For the Long Haul

Photo: OBMonkey

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