After hearing Sovereign Grace Music for the first time a few years back, I quickly found myself with a new favorite in worship music. For the last several months I’ve been eagerly awaiting the newest release from Sovereign Grace, an album called Risen which was released yesterday. Risen is comprised of 13 songs celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Sovereign Grace Music is directed by Bob Kauflin, a talented composer, vocalist, and former member of the Christian group GLAD. In this promo video, Kauflin explains the inspiration behind Risen

For the next two weeks, you can download Risen for $5 at the
Sovereign Grace store. I’ve already bought my copy!

One thought on “Risen

  1. Thanks for the heads up Missy! Glad to hear its $5, def. gonna have to buy it pronto! Sovereign Grace is definitely my favorite music. I first heard it when I saw that “John Piper’s God Exalting Grammar” on youtube, “Only Jesus” plays in the background. Bought some songs from the Valley of Vision cd, which introuduced me to the Valley of Vision prayer book. And then began listening to CJ Mahaney sermons shortly there-after. Love all their music, even offered my background vocals on the NEXT Live album, lol. In short, Sovereign Grace Ministries has been an immense blessing to my life!

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