A Few Moments with John MacArthur

I told Joseph last night that after yesterday’s events I was ready to go home and be with the Lord. I mean, I have met and spoken with my spiritual hero, John MacArthur, I’m not exactly sure what else I have left to accomplish on this earth.😉

Of course, I’m joking, but it truly was a wonderful experience for me to sit under Dr. MacArthur’s teaching for the past two days as he presented the Scriptural teaching on what it means to be a slave of Christ. I may go through my notes to share some of the highlights with you soon, but one thought I wanted to pass on is Dr. MacArthur’s statement that “The fundamental confession of Christianity is ‘Jesus is Lord.’ There is no such thing as a master without a slave.” As believers, whenever we confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, we are at the same time acknowledging the crucial truth that we are Christ’s slaves. Yet as you’ll see in this brief video I took yesterday, being a slave of Christ is the most privileged position we could ever imagine… 

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3 thoughts on “A Few Moments with John MacArthur

  1. I have to say that I’m really glad my parents and church taught me that being a follower of Christ also meant being a slave to Christ, and that it was/is a position of great honor.

    Thanks for this video!


  2. What a great picture! But I think John MacArthur was pretty fortunate to meet you two. Our girls bought the book for their dad, and he’s really enjoyed it.

    Keeping your family in our hearts and in our prayers.


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