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Well, I’m not exactly in Heaven, but I’m just about as close as I can get…

Right now, my husband and I are in Charleston, South Carolina, for a very special conference featuring John MacArthur. Dr. MacArthur was invited to St. John’s Episcopal Chapel by Rev. Dr. Dallas H. Wilson, Jr. to speak on the material covered in his latest book, Slave: The Hidden Truth about Your Identity in Christ

Rev. Wilson provided the following endorsement for MacArthur’s book:

Dr. John MacArthur’s teaching on ‘slavery’ resonates in the deepest recesses of my ‘inner-man.’ As an African-American pastor, I have been there. That is why the thought of someone writing about slavery as being a ‘God-send’ was the most ludicrous, unconscionable thing that I could have ever imagined…until I read this book. Now I see that becoming a slave is a biblical command, completely redefining the idea of freedom in Christ. I don’t want to simply be a ‘follower’ or even just a ‘servant’…but a ‘slave’.

Read more about Slave HERE.

Since this is a very small gathering of people, I’ve already had the opportunity to meet Dr. MacArthur at a book-signing, (That’s one more life goal to mark off my list.:) ) and while I was there, I just happened to get a couple copies of Slave signed. Hmm…but what am I to do with two copies of the same book? How about one for me and one for one of you?

If you’d like to enter to win an autographed copy of John MacArthur’s book Slave, simply add a comment to this post before midnight on Saturday night (Feb. 12). I’ll use to choose a winner from the posted comments, and I’ll announce the results on Sunday. This is a great book that I’m excited to share with one of you! 

31 thoughts on “Get a Signed Copy of Slave by John MacArthur

  1. I’ve been reading this blog for a while now and I’m really getting so much out of it!! So thank you!

    And I thought I’d try for this book!…hehe…I hear it’s very good! It;s on my list to read!

    Thankyou for your service to the Lord!

  2. Me and Elizabeth bought this book for Dad on his birthday. I would love to get one for Shawn as well!!! It would be great if it were signed!! Love your blog!

  3. I LOVE MacArthur! I listened to a fabulous teaching he did on this topic once and have never forgotten it!! Doulos!!

    Would like to meet him one day too but until then I wouldn’t be disappointed to win this book:-)

  4. I would love to have this book. I’m so grateful that this message is being published at last! I want to learn what it is to be a slave of Christ. Not only learn, but become a slave! It’s difficult to be yielded for five minutes! I want to know how to be yielded every moment!

  5. I started listening to John aboiut 9 years ago when I started attending my home church which is pastored by a former youth pastor from Grace. He is truely gifted of God and has shaped so many wonderful men to be shepherds. Can’t wait to read Slave!!

  6. I saw this book in the Family Christain Bookstore flyer! It caught my eye, and I’ve been wanting a copy! Thanks for your generosity and thinking of the rest of us Melissa!

  7. Pick me! Pick me!

    Is it a sin to be jealous of you not only attending a conference but also meeting the man of my dreams (ha ha) – all while I’m “slaving” away on tax returns?

    All kidding aside – I bet it’s a great conference and a wonderful opportunity to hear a great expositor at work. Thanks for sharing!

  8. That’s so awesome that you were able to meet him! How fun. I’ve been wanting to read Slave for a while. I know I learned at a young age that we were to be bondslaves to Christ and what bondslave meant… then more recently all I hear or read is bondservant, which I think basically means the same thing, but doesn’t read the same way, if you know what I mean.


    PS I hope I win:) but if I don’t I’ll end up buying the book myself someday fairly soon.

  9. I can’t wait to read this book! If I don’t get a free copy I will buy it as soon as possible! Thank you for this opportunity!:)

  10. Praying without ceasing that the random pick will select either me or my husband’s entry here.:)

    Wish tax season didn’t always seem to be in the way with all the great speaking engagements / conferences for him.

  11. I have learned so much about the Christian life from Pastor MacArthur. His preaching, books, tapes, web resources–all showing his desire to know God through careful study of the Scriptures, and to make Him known–continue to be a blessing to me. I found your offer while trying to find out more about the new book “Slave” on the Internet. I will certainly read it, and add a copy to my collection in any event, but I would be pleased to win the free autographed copy.

  12. I just got John MacAurthur’s new study bible, I have seen some wonderful reviews of this book! I hope my heavenly Father blesses me with it!!!

  13. As an African-American, this concept was one of the most difficult for me to accept. I am grateful, however, for God’s leading and grace. I am now a slave for Christ – the best freedom I could ever imagine!

  14. First I’ve heard of the book but know it’s bound to be good. I have very much appreciated John MacArthur’s ministry. Yours, too. Thanks for the offer.

  15. Have you picked someone yet??? I def. signed up to be on the grace to you mailings list and get the book here in Germany, and have not received anything from them!!😦 itsokay. that is sooooo cool that you got to hear him preach and FINALLY see him!!😀

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