Happy Birthday to You, Jesus

Last Days Ministries has made available a never before released Christmas song written by Keith Green. Being the Keith Green junkie that I am, I wasted no time in downloading the song and an accompanying article written by Keith called “Christmas Mourning.” In this article, as in everything else in his ministry, Keith addressed his subject with both passion and boldness… 

The True Meaning of Christmas

I’ve heard a lot of talk (especially by Christians) about the true meaning of Christmas. I’ve seen Christians go in for all the trappings and trimmings. They spend hours, even days, in department stores trying to figure out what to buy for friends and relatives who already have everything they need… And all the while, a world full of starving, deprived people are silently, invisibly looking in through your living room window begging for a scrap of food, a rag to keep them from shivering to death, and an answer to their misery, suffering, and oppression.

When we consider all the money spent by all of us, during a season that’s greatest meaning is the Father giving us His only Son to come live and die for us, we must cry out against the injustice of an American, Christian people, who have so much and do so little. The true meaning of this season should be to give ourselves to the work of spreading the Gospel. Proclaiming freedom to the captives! Giving them bread to eat, then pointing them to the Bread of Life, to fill their hungry souls.

Some Suggestions

As a part of your Christmas celebration this year, we suggest taking your children to a ghetto, to a hospital, to an orphanage, to an old-age home. Teach them the meaning of giving. Teach them it is foolish for us to spend money on things we don’t need, and on things that others don’t need. Let them spread joy to those who are miserable! Let them give a smile to an old woman’s face, whose own children have forgotten and abandoned her in a convalescent hospital. Let them empty their piggy banks and send the money to missions and the poor. Let there be giving! Costly giving! Let us give our Lord Jesus the whole world for His birthday! The world and the Lord await our response…

Here’s the new song…

You can download “Happy Birthday to You (Jesus)” at KeithGreen.com for $1.29(Purchase also includes Keith’s 7 minute intro to the song and his article “Christmas Mourning”).

Photo: KeithGreen.com

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