Have a Free Starbucks on Me!

Just a note…

The top commenter at Precious Adornment between today and December 24th will receive a special Christmas gift from me–a $20 Starbucks gift card.

The winner will be chosen based on the number of comments posted (I reserve the right to disregard comments containing only one word or emoticons). 😉

On Christmas day, I’ll announce the winner!

Update: Make sure you use the same name & email address each time you comment, so all of your comments get counted! 

Image: Starbucks

22 thoughts on “Have a Free Starbucks on Me!

  1. Look out….I believe this should count as number one!! :)

    Just to make sure it does count as my first reply, I will leave comment on using Starbucks as an incentive. I think this is an excellent choice, though some may think Starbucks is a New Age company that supports bad things. I simply believe in a consistent cup of coffee, and Starbucks always delivers!

    There….my first official post of many!!!!!!

    • Comment has been counted! Starbucks also delivers a consistently good cup of chai, which is even more important than their coffee performance. 😉

      • My husband is a tea drinker and shares your sentiments, but I just don’t get it! I start my day with prayer, followed by coffee, and both have been a blessing in my life! Haha.

  2. OOOOOOh!! This is my third comment now, but with a chai tea “carrot” hanging above my head. Luckily as a stay at home mommy, I think I may just have a shot at winning this:)
    Thanks for the offer!

  3. Starbucks used to be the only coffee we would drink. That is until John Ross bought a coffee roaster. We buy our green beans from a Christian mission company to Honduras called “Crimson Life.” Now we roast it fresh every couple days. Also use an automated espresso machine and pretty much solely drink Americanos. I know you don’t like coffee, Missy, but Niki appreciates this. Nice to support missions too with our bean purchases.

    • I have never heard of Crimson Life, I will have to look into them! Do they only sell green or can you get already roasted? I will go search for it. Thanks for mentioning this!

    • I buy my green beans from the grocery store, but I steam them instead of roasting them. 😉 Yes, I’m sure Niki would have a greater appreciation for the coffee roasting process, but I do like the sound of benefiting missions through coffee sales.

  4. Missy, what a wonderful treat to share with everyone. Starbucks coffee has a special place in my heart. When Tim and I were dating in college our first date we got fraps at Barnes and Noble. Since then when we go on a date or head out on a trip we go to starbucks.

  5. Last night Tim surprised me when I got off work late with Starbucks fraps to celebrate. We celebrated five years ago yesterday Tim asked me to be his girlfriend.

  6. Missy,

    I think Starbucks is a wonderful idea;) I have been drinking coffee for as long as I can remember (maybe that’s why I’m short), and it makes me oh so happy!
    I’m also loving all the great comments and the SNOW!!!
    Keep up the good work…you kow I’m a huge fan of your blog.

  7. The night Tim asked me to be his girlfriend afterwards we went to Starbucks. What was really cool was I knew already that was going to marry him. We were engaged a little over a month later.

  8. Oh no! Disclaimer…last line should read. Keep up the good work…you KNOW I’m a huge fan of your blog.

    You don’t have to count this as number 2…just a continuation of comment one;)

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